A Simple Gratitude Practice For Your Skin & Why It Matters

A Simple Gratitude Practice For Your Skin & Why It Matters

Thank you, skin.

Have you heard of skin gratitude? While the concept of skin gratitude has gained momentum over the past year, to many it’s still a new term.

Skin gratitude is similar to other meditative and mindfulness practices that encompass affirmations and gratitude, and it appears to truly make a difference when added to ones’ skincare routine. What began as a way to promote certain skincare products, skin gratitude has evolved into a holistic skincare approach that seems to work towards a healthier complexion. 

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, people are slowing down and considering the multitude of positives they have in their lives. Skin gratitude reminds you not to forget those basic parts of yourself that you typically take for granted. Not only that, it empowers you to create luxurious, healthy skin with a simple, affirming practice.

Letting go of skin shame

Skin positivity is a fairly new idea. For years, women have shunned their bare, natural skin, covering it up with makeup. The idea of showing “flawed” skin was simply unheard of. Hiding skin and pretending perfection has long been the norm.

However, with the advent of skin gratitude, more and more people are beginning to show authenticity with their skin. Instead of hiding behind made up faces, celebrities, influencers, and others, have been posting themselves on social media platforms such as Instagram in their natural, bare look. Photos of these people show all of the things that regularly accompany unhidden skin, including acne and pigmentation.

This has been an amazing bit of progress as society has begun to let go of shame and embarrassment over natural things. There is no longer the overwhelming view that certain, normal conditions with the skin are problematic and something to be ashamed of. As people begin to seek peace and gratitude for their skin in its natural state, they are freed from unhealthy obsessions with perfection over their appearance.

Skincare products for your skin gratitude routine

As you engage in your skincare routine, you’ll want to make sure that you are only using high-quality, cruelty-free products with natural ingredients. Don’t settle for less than the best. Skin gratitude brings your mind and skin to a whole new level, and deserves to be met with the perfect products. 

Here are a couple skincare products you can include in your skin gratitude routine: 

Practicing skin gratitude 

Beginning to implement skin gratitude as part of your regular daily skincare routine can make all the difference in the health of your skin and the health of your mind. Studies show that a regular, intentional implementation of gratitude can change the state of the mind. Gratitude creates a positivity that reaches the person internally, creating contentment, joy, and relieving stress.

As skin conditions have traditionally caused embarrassment, frustration, and anxiety for people, the life-altering habit of skin gratitude has the power to ease the negativity and help people gain positive feelings and emotions over their skin.

Another benefit of skin gratitude is that in relieving stress, it actually reduces one of the main causes of skin conditions. Eczema, acne, and psoriasis can both be caused and exacerbated by stresses. Skin gratitude brings positivity and joy to the participant, thereby reducing the stress that perpetuates skin troubles. 

You’ve heard people remark that someone experiencing something joyful looks like they’re glowing. This isn’t just a silly comment. A positive mindset creates happiness which actually produces beautiful, healthy looking skin, which may appear to some to be “glowing.”

As both the inner and outer self reflect one another, it makes sense that a stressed out, overwhelmed, unhappy inside would create an outside with blemishes and conditions. In the same respect, it makes sense that an inside filled with peace and gratitude would create an outside glowing with health and beauty.

Including a daily habit of skin gratitude into your skincare routine is simple. Use simple, natural skincare products and enter a mindful state where you are ready to recite and take in skin affirmations

Breathe deeply and slowly, and then thank your skin. “Thank you, skin.” After your initial exclamation of gratitude, begin thinking about your skin and its purpose. Consider how it protects your inner being. Think of each “flaw” that you have and give it a positive aspect. What do your acne scars represent? Healing? Growth? Overcoming?

Every “issue” with your skin can be embraced and gratitude can be expressed. “Thank you, skin, for the scars which represent my growth.” The essential thing is that you’re flipping your thoughts on their head; instead of lamenting negativity and feeling shame, you’re accepting your skin’s condition and being grateful for it.

Including this regularly will create a beautiful, strong, healthy mentality as well as beautiful, strong, healthy skin.