5 Tips On Achieving "Dolphin Skin"

How To Get Dewy Skin

The beauty industry has been constantly evolving, from the ancient Egyptians to new-age practices. Dolphin skin is a modern trend that was birthed in 2017 and it's all about hydration! The main difference between dolphin skin and glass skin is that the emphasis for this look is on moisture—for when you want your cheeks to glimmer like something out of a Disney movie.

The secret to dolphin skin is to find products that will provide you with a clear complexion and smooth-textured, dewy looking skin all day long. To have these benefits, it's important first to exfoliate your face in order to make sure bacteria doesn't clog pores (which can cause issues such as acne or pimples). Then use hydrating ingredients on top of serums that keep your cells well hydrated so they don’t dry out easily. This is especially important when environmental stresses like weather extremes, pollution or strong winds abound.

Double Cleanse

A double cleanse is an essential step for looking your best, and it doubles as the backbone of Korean skin care. Double cleansing removes dirt, sebum and makeup all at once to leaving your skin clean and refreshed.

Choose cleansers containing hydrating ingredients like sunflower oil or jojoba for healthy-looking skin that doesn't require constant exfoliation. These oils oil are naturally rich in Vitamins A D and E and are easily absorbed into the skin.

It is important to double cleanse, even if you don’t wear makeup. SPF, sebum and dust from the air can all clog pores leading to blemished skin which may lead down a negative spiral of acne prone skin problems like breakouts or scarring.

How To Get Glowy Dewy Skin


Exfoliating is an important step in your skin care routine because it removes any buildup of dead cells on the surface and clears out dirt, oil, or makeup. There are two types: physical exfoliation which includes scrubbing with a sponge or loofah, and chemical peels that remove layers of dulling skin by applying masks to make it peel off more easily.

Medical-grade chemicals, such as alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids are derived from fruit sugars that work by breaking down molecules in the top layer of your epidermis. While a turmeric treatment, for example, is physical in nature as it scrubs skin with zeolite and turmeric powder.


You’ve probably heard that toners are the most important step in a skincare routine. Toners restore balance to the PH level of your skin. Alcohol-based formulas can actually dry out our delicate facial tissues so they should be avoided. But fear not – there is tons of great nonalcoholic options on the market with all sorts of different benefits for every type of skin. Your search will lead you down many paths but once again I recommend trying samples before committing because everyone has their own unique needs!


Essence is the second to last step in this skin care routine. Applying this lightweight formula to a clean face, restores moisture levels and hydrates your complexion so that you can effectively absorb other products like serum or moisturiser on top of it for an extra dose hydration.

Serums & Oils

To achieve a dewy complexion, hydration is essential. You can do so with both serums and oils to target specific skin concerns or moisturise your face as needed in order for it to glow beautifully. 

How To Get Dewy Glowing Skin With Makeup