How Is Drinking Alcohol Bad For Your Skin?

How Is Drinking Alcohol Bad For Your Skin?

While the effect of alcohol on internal organs like the liver is often discussed, persons usually forget about the body’s largest organ – the skin. Drinking alcohol regularly can cause significant damage to your skin and worsen chronic skin conditions. Let’s look at how drinking alcohol can affect your skin and what you can do about it.

How Drinking Alcohol Affects The Skin

Depending on how heavily you drink, you can start to notice the effects on your skin within 24 hours. Persons who drink for prolonged periods can also cause skin damage that may be difficult to reverse. So, what are some of these issues?

1. Your skin dries out

Alcohol is a well-known diuretic. That means it causes water to be removed from your body more quickly than your digestive system can absorb it. Dehydration will not only affect your body’s internal regulatory systems, but it will also cause your skin to feel dry and ashy. When the skin loses moisture, it can highlight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles making persons look older. In some cases, consistent alcohol consumption can make it difficult to rehydrate properly.

2. There’s increased inflammation

After drinking alcohol, it’s normal for persons to look flushed. That’s because alcohol causes blood vessels to dilate and increases blood flow. While this is temporary if you don’t drink often, regular alcohol consumption can lead to permanently dilated blood vessels which cause ectasia or spider veins. The inflammation can also have a devastating effect on those who are already dealing with rosacea or psoriasis.

3. Poor nutrition

While alcohol doesn’t offer any significant nutritive value, it can affect your nutrition. Alcohol has been shown to decrease the level of nutrients in your system, especially Vitamins A, C, and B3. These vitamins play an important role in keeping the skin healthy as well as the formation of new cells.

4. You have more breakouts

If your alcoholic drinks are high in sugar, they’re likely to affect the skin by causing breakouts. That’s because sugar crystallizes your skin cells in a process known as glycation. As a result, the skin cells are less supple and become prone to acne. Your complexion will also appear dull.

5. There may be hormone disruptions

This skin issue is also a result of high-sugar alcoholic beverages. When drinking these, the sugar may trigger your body’s insulin response. High insulin levels can then affect the thyroid hormones which regulate vital functions including the maintenance of healthy skin tissue.

6. It can affect your immune system

Many studies have shown a link between a healthy gut microbiome and the immune system. That includes managing the body’s reaction to substances that can trigger inflammatory skin reactions like that seem in eczema. Alcohol consumption not only disrupts the microbiome, but it can also affect the skin’s protective barrier. Without that barrier, you can become more prone to infections.

Which Drinks To Avoid

Since most persons are unlikely to stop drinking entirely, it’s important to know which drinks to choose. According to skincare experts, the alcoholic drinks that do the most damage are the ones that are high in sugar like cocktails, wine, and complex chasers. Red wine, in particular, has been known to make rosacea worse.

If you’d like to keep drinking alcohol in moderation, stick to drinks that have a low sugar content. That means having chasers like tonic water or lime juice. For hard liquor, vodka and tequila are better choices for your skin than rum.

How To Treat Hungover Skin

Even with drinking in moderation, alcohol may still affect your skin. To combat these effects, it’s best to have an effective skincare routine. The first thing you should do is ensure that you’re getting enough water to keep your hydration levels high. The second thing you need to do is focus on sleeping well. A good night’s sleep is important for maintaining good health.

The third element includes choosing the right skincare products. Experts recommend using products that are high in antioxidants as these nutrients play an important role in protecting skin from damage. The bioReverse - Age Defying Secret Essence from GraceAllure is one such product to add to your skincare routine. It contains Green Leaf Tea Extract, which is a powerful antioxidant as well as Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Jojoba Seed Oil, and Glyceryl Stearate, which help the skin to retain its much-needed moisture.