How Much Does Skin Tag Removal Cost?

Skin tag removal cost

What’s this bumpy piece of flesh on my skin? If you’ve ever asked yourself such a question, then you are all too familiar with skin tags. These are harmless growths that usually form in areas of your body that are exposed to friction such as the area between the thighs, under the arms, around the neck or even around the eyelids! Skin tags are usually not dangerous but they can be bothersome or uncomfortable for some people. If you’re the type of person who prizes his/her complexion, then skin tags are a definite no-no. They must be removed. But how do you get rid of them?

Fret not! Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Did you know that you can remove a skin tag by yourself? In this modern age, surgery which can cost you a hefty amount, is not the only way to get rid of skin tags. You can now conveniently remove skin tags from the comfort of your own home. Wondering how much skin tag removal costs these days? Let’s dive into the details!

Skin Tag Removal Cost (With Surgery)

As mentioned, if you opt to remove your skin tags through surgery, it can be a little pricey. Skin tag removal surgery typically costs between $100 and $500, depending on your insurance, deductibles, location, the physician you select and the number of skin tags you choose to remove. The doctor may employ several methods to remove a skin tag such as freezing it off, cutting it off or burning it off.

A skin tag removal procedure is usually not covered by health insurance unless the skin tag is bleeding, painful, itchy or constantly being snagged by clothing or jewelry. If your health insurance does cover the procedure, it will cover up to 14 symptomatic skin tags at one time, according to dermatologist Laurel Naversen Geraghty. Hence, if you had a few skin tags, it would be best to remove all of them at once.

Skin Tag Removal Cost (Without Surgery)

An alternative to surgery will be removing skin tags with a skin tag removal device, which is much more cheaper. Skin tag removal will only set you back by $39.95 if you choose to remove it with the Deluxe Skin Tag and Mole Remover Pen. Dermatologically tested to be safe to use without causing any bleeding, this skin tag removal device has become an absolute bestseller in our stores! Featuring nano-needle technology, electric ion technology, and microcomputer control, the device is light and easy to use. A single charge can give you over 5 hours of battery life.

Besides skin tags, you can also use the Deluxe Skin Tag and Mole Remover Pen to seamlessly zap off moles, warts, blemishes and freckles all from the comfort of home! This top-quality device is originally priced at $79.99, but it is now being offered at a 50% discount with free shipping. Get it here.