How To Use Face Mapping To Pinpoint The Causes Of Your Breakouts

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How To Use Face Mapping To Pinpoint The Causes Of Your Breakouts

What is Chinese face mapping? It’s an ancient Chinese belief that different portions of your face correlate to different portions of your body. Modern science has not researched and proven face mapping, but rather it’s based on thousands of years of observation. Traditional Chinese medicine is a holistic approach to banishing breakouts. The idea of face mapping is to treat the underlying conditions that are causing the breakouts.

Your Face Map

The Left Cheek

In traditional Chinese medicine, left and right have big significance. If you are breaking out on your left cheek, Chinese medicine practitioners recommend “cool foods” like green tea, watermelon, and cucumber.

Cheek acne on either side can be caused by not washing pillowcases enough. Also, disinfect or wipe your cell phone regularly. In today’s society, our phones are one of our

most handled objects. When we hold our phone up to our cheek, we are putting our skin in contact with all of those bacteria.

The Right Cheek

For your right cheek, face mapping attributes breakouts here to lung issues. Chinese medicine practitioners may suggest cutting back on sugar as the right cheek has more of an inflammatory response to sugary foods. Breathing exercises may also help.

The Forehead

Face mapping links the area above your brows with your liver and gallbladder. Pimples in this area can be caused by an unhealthy diet of too much trans fat and processed food. In addition to improving your diet, try styling your hair first then washing your face. This washes away any residue from hairspray and other styling products which can contribute to forehead pimples. Some acne can be a symptom of food sensitivities. We each have our own unique makeup and respond to types of food in different ways. If you have an overall healthy diet but still experience frequent blemishes, consider food sensitivity testing.

Between the Brow Area

Traditional Chinese medicine links the area between your brows with the liver. If this is where you get breakouts, address your overall diet and avoid rich foods. Increase your

exercise and decrease your nights out drinking. If you smoke, quit. Whether you prescribe to traditional Chinese medicine or not, this is overall good advice for your health.

The Nose

The nose is linked to the heart and lungs. If this is where you see the bulk of your breakouts, consider limiting spicy and high salt meals. Traditional Chinese medicine recommends increasing vitamin B intake for nose breakouts. You can also try a retinoid containing acne treatment on your nose. Retinoids can help with persistent blackheads and whiteheads, both of which are common in the nose area.

The Chin Area

Chin and neck acne are linked to hormonal imbalances. Stress also often shows up in this part of your face. Chin acne may come and go with your menstrual cycle. If you have frequent breakouts on your chin and jawline, consider getting your hormone levels checked at your next checkup. A Chinese medicine remedy is drinking soothing spearmint tea and taking an omega-3 supplement.

The Mouth Area

If your breakouts center around your mouth, Chinese medicine says your diet may be responsible. Try limiting fried and spicy food while increasing your fiber intake in the form of fresh fruits and veggies. Also, try to limit the number of times you touch your mouth throughout the day. Some people have a bad habit of running their hands over their mouth.

The Bottom Line

Chinese face mapping is based on thousands of years of anecdotal evidence. Combined with the right skincare products, it can help you improve your facial acne. A good, all-natural product for acne anywhere on your face is tea tree oil such as GraceAllure's Microbial Wound Healing Oil. It helps dry up excess oil and heal skin lesions caused by repeat blemishes.