Hyperpigmentation: What Causes Skin To Darken?

Hyperpigmentation: What Causes Skin To Darken?

Understanding and Treating Hyperpigmentation

Pigmentation is the natural color of your skin and is the result of melanin, a type of pigment produced by your cells. Melanin “controls” the color of your skin, but there are many skin pigmentation disorders which can cause discoloration. Hyperpigmentation is one such condition. Hyperpigmentation causes your skin to darken and can affect both patches of your skin or your entire body. The most common type of hyperpigmentation are called age spots, or liver spots.

Hyperpigmentation is commonly caused by sun damage and is usually only observable on the parts of the body which are most heavily affected by the damaging rays of the sun. However, certain medications, pregnancy hormones, endocrine diseases, and insulin resistance can also cause hyperpigmentation. The good news is that hyperpigmentation can be easily treated with a number of home remedies. Here are just a few examples of hyperpigmentation treatments which you can find at home.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is great for a multitude of skin solutions, including lightening the pigmentation of your skin. There are many different natural compounds in aloe vera which make it a great multi-purpose skin enhancer, but the compound we’re interested in here is aloin. Aloin is a natural depigmenting compound which has been proven to lighten skin; it’s a wonderful and nontoxic hyperpigmentation treatment, according to a few different studies.

To use aloe vera as a treatment, simply apply pure aloe vera gel to the affected area before you go to bed. When you wake up, rinse the areas with warm water. Simply repeat this process daily until you see the desired improvements to your skin pigmentation.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

The acetic acid present in apple cider vinegar is great for lightening pigmentation of the skin. The process to use apple cider vinegar is simple and effective. First, combine equal parts apple cider vinegar and water in a container of your choosing. Next, apply the solution to the dark patches of your skin and leave the solution on for two to three minutes.

Rinse these areas with warm water and repeat the process daily until you see the results you’re looking for. There’s no danger in damaging your skin with this solution, as the acetic acid is not concentrated enough to do any harm, but it will still lighten your pigmentation.

3. Vitamin C Serum with Dandelion Extract

Vitamin C Serum

One of the best products currently available to treat your hyperpigmentation is this great Vitamin C serum from Rosy Radiant. This serum is great for all skin types; it brightens, reduces fine lines, treats dark spots, and leaves your skin soft and supple. Its formula is derived from high concentrations of vitamin C, which means it penetrates your skin quickly and deeply, leaving long lasting results.

There’s also a healthy dose of aloe vera and dandelion extract thrown into the mix for good measure. To use the oil, simply apply it to your skin daily, during the morning or night. You’ll want to wash your skin then pat it dry, then rub a small amount of the serum around your face or neck area. Once the serum is dry, moisturizer you skin. Simple, quick, and effective.

4. Green Tea Extract

There are have been several studies demonstrating that green tea extract has several depigmenting properties when applied to directly to the skin. Green tea extract can be bought online and occasionally straight from a supermarket. Make sure to use the extract as intended to achieve the best results possible for your skin.

The general process will look something like this: steep a tea bag in boiled water for about five minutes. Remove the bag and let it cool thoroughly to avoid burning your skin. When it’s cooled, rub the tea bag over your dark skin patches. You’ll repeat this twice a day.

Q & A

What Can I Drink for Pigmentation?

There are a number of drinks which work to improve pigmentation, but one of the most effective is this green tea supplement from HealthImpaq. In addition to improving the pigmentation of your skin, this supplement will boost your natural energy levels and increase your metabolism, leading to improved health outcomes and more energy throughout your day.

Green Tea

Does Birth Control Cause Dark Spots?

Yes, many birth control pills do cause dark spots. Hormones are affected by birth control pills result in “melasma,” or the overproduction of melanin from your cells. This commonly leads to dark spots, especially when coupled with extended sun exposure.

What Causes Dark Spots During Pregnancy?

Melasma causes dark spots during pregnancy because of the increased hormonal production during this time.