Massage: Get In Touch With Its Many Benefits


 Massage: Get In Touch With Its Many Benefits

You may view a massage as that one thing you did that one time on your honeymoon but that you don’t think is worth the cost or time to do ever again. We are here to make the case for regular massages (or at least more than once in your lifetime) and explain the host of health benefits that facial massages provide.

What is facial massage?

Facial massage is a massage therapy technique that involves the use of hands or a tool to gently massage the face. It helps in increasing blood circulation, relaxes facial muscles, decreases puffiness and offers a healthy glow.

Facial massage benefits

1. Release muscle tension

When the muscles on your face tense up, they are more likely to harbor wrinkles, which is why they need to be massaged out regularly. 

2. Anti-aging

One of the main benefits of facial massage is its ability to improve the overall appearance of skin. When the muscles of your face are tensed, they can cause wrinkles. Facial massage relaxes these muscles and makes the wrinkles less prominent.

3. Boosts circulation

The movement of a facial massage sends a surge of blood and oxygen to your skin. This increased flow deflates puffiness and brightens skin tone. More oxygen sent to the skin equals increased collagen production and cell growth, resulting in  smooth, glowing skin. Increase blood and oxygen flow to the face by massaging the soft lines around the mouth, eyes and brows.

4. Removes toxins

Facial massage can clear toxins from your skin via lymphatic drainage by moving the lymphatic fluid. The lymphatic system is a combination of tissues and organs in the body that get rid of the toxins and other waste materials from your body. 

5. Improves product absorption

To get the most out of your anti-aging products, like the RosyRadiant Super Face Lift with Acai Berry Extract, apply it using your facial massager. 

6. Reduce acne

If you have acne prone skin, a facial massager could help you out. Stimulating the skin through massage may help promote blood circulation and reduce the appearance of acne. 

7. Achieve a healthy glow

Who doesn’t want beautiful, glowing skin? Plenty of anecdotal evidence suggests that stimulating your facial muscles can help tighten skin, relieve tight muscles, and boost circulation. 

8. Help reduce scar tissue

If you have a facial scar that’s in the healing process, massage can be greatly beneficial. Massaging the scar tissue and surrounding areas may help increase blood flow, loosen up nearby tissues, and flatten bumps.

Step-by-step guide for “how to” facial massage: 

You can give yourself a spa-quality facial massage at home using the GraceAllure LED Ultrasonic Facial Therapy Device. The most advanced ultrasonic facial massager, designed to tighten and lift skin, improve elasticity, reduce deep wrinkles and fine lines. Along with its adjustable temperature function, the cold and warm temperature help stimulate skin blood circulation, smoothen rough texture and clean clogged pores.

Indulge with the cold treatment that is best to treat dehydrated open pores, improve skin elasticity and lock in moisture.  The blue LED light also practically reduces varicose veins and reduce dark spots. It instantly reduces swelling pain of the skin especially great for sensitive skin.

Activate the device’s red LED lights that promote blood circulation. This device will make your skin tender and soft. It suggested to keep the optimal temperature at 42°C, which can help open up the pores at its finest. Your skin acts like a sponge to help better absorption of your skin care products. It helps improve skin metabolism, discharge waste toxins and helps to reduce eye bags and dark circle. 

A facial massage is not a deep tissue massage: Use firm pressure, but keep it gentle.

  1. After cleansing and toning your face, use your favorite oil or serum to help glide the massager across your face and increase the absorption of your favorite products.
  2. You can use your massager in three ways: to penetrate product deeper into the skin, to lift and sculpt, and for lymphatic Depending on how you hold your facial massager, you can address the different areas of the face as well as the specific results you are looking to achieve.
  3. Use your fingers in circular motion to gently massage your face. You can use deep and stimulating motions if you are looking to firm your skin. In case you have sensitive, acne-prone or oily skin, stick to light pressure.
  4. For a stronger effect, use your knuckles to press into your face. Start at your nose and move them across your cheeks to your ears. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is massage good for acne?

Stimulating the skin through massage may help promote blood circulation and reduce the appearance of acne.

Is massage good for scars?

Yes. Massage is an effective way to decrease scar tissue build up and help make scars less noticeable.

Does vibration stimulate collagen?

Yes, when the skin is stimulated via vibration, it results in increased circulation, which ultimately helps produce collagen and elastin. Collagen is a protein that keeps the skin firm and prevents from sagging.

How often do I facial massage?

You can massage your face for five minutes everyday with your at-home device.