Sugar And Aging: How To Fight Glycation

Sugar And Aging: How To Fight Glycation

Preventing excess AGE levels in your body

There’s currently an epidemic in America, one which has persisted through the last several years. Obesity rates have been increasing since the latter part of the twentieth century and show no signs of stopping anytime soon. This is incredibly dangerous for the health of society because obesity and overeating are associated with negative health outcomes such as diabetes and heart disease.

Now, new research has found that this condition is compounded by the presence of “advanced glycation end products,” or AGEs which are present in the diet of many Americans. AGEs are harmful compounds which are formed when protein or fat are coupled with sugar found in the bloodstream. The process of combining these is called “glycation.” AGEs are also capable of forming in foods which are cooked in high temperatures, such as those which are grilled, fried, or toasted.

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While your body is capable of eliminating these compounds, excess consumption of them causes your body to slow down, not able to keep up with the frequency of consumption. Thus, AGEs can accumulate if enough of them are eaten in a short timeframe. Accumulation of AGEs can lead to severely negative health outcomes, such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, and premature aging.

Risk Factors

Those with high levels of blood sugar are at highest risk of producing AGEs, but this is a blessing in disguise for many. Cutting out sugary foods and drinks such as sodas and desserts can immediately improve your health and leave your skin looking more radiant as well.

Slashing your sugar consumption is associated with greater health outcomes and often leads to the reduction in chances of diseases like diabetes and kidney damage. Cutting out sugar is a great way to reduce AGEs, but there are also a number of healthy alternatives to white sugar.

1. Limit foods high in AGEs

It’s fairly easy to understand which foods are high in AGEs. Foods which are fried or highly processed will hold more AGEs, as will certain foods made directly from animals such as red meat, cheeses, fried eggs, butter, cream cheese, margarine, mayonnaise, oils, and nuts. It’s in your best interest to eliminate these types of foods if you want to stay clear from AGEs to the highest degree possible.

In addition to steering clear from these foods, you can also take a CoQ10 Ubiquinone Coenzyme from HealthImpaq. This supplement is packed with vitamins and full chocks of antioxidants and helps create energy, muscular contraction, and the synthesis of proteins. The supplement will aid your cells and decrease inflammation and indigestion, allowing your body to properly eliminate excess AGEs within it.

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2. Stick to antioxidant-rich food

On top of taking the CoQ10 supplement and cutting out foods fried and cooked without health in mind, you can also eat foods which hold plentiful vitamin C and antioxidants. These are foods like turmeric, grapes, blueberries, and raspberries. These foods help protect against the damaging effects of AGEs and leave your body in a healthier balance. Plan your diet around plentiful consumption of colorful fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices to get the full benefit of AGE fighting proteins and nutrients.

3. Exercise

Staying inactive is a great way to help AGEs become increased and more harmful inside your body. Experts recommend an hour of exercise a day to help your body feel more active and break up the harmful sugars that can accumulate and cause diseases down the line. You should certainly be getting regular exercise if you want to fight off AGEs and the harm they cause, as doing something as simple as increasing the number of steps you take per day can decrease your AGE levels and leave you feeling healthier for longer.

4. Marinate your food

One great way to reduces AGEs is to marinate your meats in acidic compounds, such as wine, vinegar, or citrus juice. This works because acids prevent the formation of new AGEs and help fight those already present in the body. For example, beef marinated for an hour or so in lemon juice and vinegar will create fewer than half the AGEs formed in comparison to an unmarinated slab of beef.

5. Keep your meals moist

Another odd but effective suggestion is to keep your meats moist as they cook. Instead of slapping your meats on the grill or roasting, boiling, or frying them, try putting them in a steamer. You can also stew, poach, or braise your meats and veggies to keep the nutrients in them and prevent the formation of AGEs. One study has shown that poaching or steaming chicken cuts AGE levels present within the meat by seventy-five percent, as compared to roasting or boiling the meat.

6. Anti-aging firming cream

Firming creams can provide the subtle differences in tightening up loose skin. Some even minimize the appearance of cellulite. Keep in mind, though, that these results can take time and require patience. To get the most out of your firming cream, choose one that contains these anti-aging ingredients: retinoidscollagen, and natural ingredients. 

One in particular is called bioReverse - Age Defying Secret Essence. 

The key to using this anti-aging cream that’s packed with Green Tea Leaf ExtractGlyceryl Stearate, and Jojoba Seed Oil helps to combat the signs of aging to capture your skin’s essence with amazing results. 

Q & A

What are some effective anti-aging habits?

Reducing your exposure to the sun can greatly aid anti-aging, as well as using moisturizers and exfoliators low in oil concentrations. Staying away from foods high and sugar and exercising regularly will also help you stay young and vibrant.

Is it true that drinking Coca-Cola helps in longevity?

No. Drinking any soda regularly will be dangerous for your health because of the excess sugar and acids present in the drink. To live a longer life, cut down on sugary substances like soda and dessert foods.

How does sugar cause inflammation?

Excess sugar can cause your gut bacteria to become imbalanced. The resulting excess of unhealthy gut bacteria can cause inflammation and other negative health outcomes by interacting with the natural processes of your body.


You should do your best to avoid AGEs and their ill effects. Consider avoiding foods which use high heat for cooking and instead marinate your foods and roast them to keep in nutrients and cut the AGEs formed. You should also increase your daily amount of exercise, as well as limit your food intake to those low in AGEs.