Tea Tree Oil Uses And Benefits

Tea Tree Oil Uses And Benefits

Imagine you’re getting ready for a date or going out with your friends. You’re almost ready and then you feel it - a giant pimple is making its debut. 

Everyone has had an experience similar to this one, where a skin issue starts to impact your life, and socializing and trying all the commercial products available can be expensive or not effective. One simple product may be the solution to your skin woes - Tea Tree Oil.

Also known as melaleuca, tea tree oil is well known for its antiseptic properties. In fact, it’s one of the top antibacterial essential oils you can use. Along with its proven properties, it has a century of use all over the world.

Because of its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, tea tree oil has a wide range of uses. It’s a great at-home cleaning product and can even kill toxic mould. But one of the most common uses of tea tree oil is to treat skin issues, like skin infections and acne. Along with that, it’s become a popular product in disinfectant sprays, face washes, shampoos, massage oils, skin and nail creams, and laundry detergents. Because it’s derived naturally, it’s also incredibly safe to use in all these areas.

Are you convinced yet? Here are some of the ways tea tree oil can help alleviate your skin issues.

1. Acne

This is one use for tea tree oil that can help all ages. There have been studies showing that tea tree oil can reduce the amount and overall severity of acne. It’s even shown to be as effective as the most common anti-acne medication - benzoyl peroxide. There are some commercial products that include tea tree oil as an ingredient. Next time you’re shopping for acne treatment, look for these products. You can also use tea tree oil mixed with water and applied with a cotton swab to help fight those nasty bumps. 

2. Body Odor

Did you know your B.O. is caused by bacteria combining with your sweat? Because the underarms have so many sweat glands, it’s often a breeding ground for that unpleasant odor. If you are finding that you can’t seem to get ahead of the smell, try rubbing a little tea tree oil on your underarms. The antibacterial properties of the tea tree oil help to combat the bacteria there and keep you smelling fresh.

3. Skin Inflammation

The itchy, red, burning feeling of dermatitis - a common form of skin irritation - can drive you insane. Animal and human studies have shown that tea tree oil can actually reduce the severity of these skin irritation symptoms, with one study showing a 40% reduction in symptoms when tea tree oil was applied to the skin.

4. Bug Bites

Bug bites are one of the worst parts of warmer weather. The effects of a bug bite come from the bug’s saliva reacting with your body’s immune system and the release of histamine. While this natural reaction from our bodies is meant to protect us, it can also have you scratching a hole in your skin. Next time you come home from spending time outdoors with a new bug bite, apply a little tea tree oil mixed with extra virgin olive oil to combat the effects of the bug bites.

5. Psoriasis

One of the more common autoimmune diseases, psoriasis can be painful, itchy, and embarrassing. If you have psoriasis, you likely have prescribed medication to help combat the autoimmune response. But if you are still experiencing symptoms, tea tree oil might be a good, all-natural option. Because it has anti-inflammatory compounds, it can help alleviate some of the remaining symptoms, especially during a flare-up. Add 10-15 drops of tea tree oil to two tablespoons of melted coconut oil and apply it anywhere that needs some relief.

6. Athlete’s Foot

This is one of the most difficult skin issues to get under control. Athlete’s foot is caused by a contagious fungus that infects the feet. It can then spread to the toenails and hands, causing peeling, cracking, blistering skin. There are many antifungal medications that you can purchase, but there are some studies showing that tea tree oil might be a great alternative to relieve the symptoms. Although tea tree oil can help with the symptoms of athlete’s foot - like scaling, inflammation, itching, and burning - it’s also a good idea to check with your primary care physician for additional care.

If you’re ready to try tea tree oil as a part of your normal skincare regimen, try our Wound Healing Oil. The hint of mint and spice will give you a gentle aroma as you care for your skin. With the all-natural based ingredients and the many ways it can help your skin issues, our Tea Tree Oil will quickly be a must-have in your makeup bag or medicine cabinet. You don’t have to suffer through your skin issues. Let us help you today.