Guide To The Ultimate Minimalist Skin Glow Up

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Skin care routines can be as complex (and as expensive) as we want, but to achieve an equally impressive glow up does not require all that. In fact, taking a minimalist approach, no matter what skin type you have, can get you the exact result as someone who spends thousands of dollars a year on products. Take a look at these tips for the ultimate guide to a minimalist skin glow up.

1. Know your skin type and the corresponding products

It’s important to know which way you trend when it comes to your skin type (dry, oily, acne prone or combination). Knowing this will dictate the types of products you should use.

Generally speaking, skincare products fit into two categories: water-based products (better for oily/acne prone skin) and oil-based products (better for dry skin).

Furthermore, there are subsets within these two types of products.

Some water-based products contain more water than others and have more of a runny consistency. Toners, sprays and astringents have more water in them while serums, essences and elixirs have less water.

For oil-based products lotions, gels and moisturizer have less oil in them than creams and oils (obviously). When you know what works for you, stick with the product and try to rely on just the one or two of them to keep your routine minimal.

2. Cleanse your skin when you wake up and before bed

It doesn’t matter what you do for your skincare routine, cleansing your skin is crucial. A good scrubbing clean of your skin, no matter your skin type or how prone you are to breakouts is vital. You should consider the following when it comes to cleansing too:

  •  If your skin tends to be dry or it’s winter, make sure the cleanser you use is an ultra-hydrating one. This is a great solution for all skin types and it also removes makeup.
  •  Skin care experts will often tell you that you should wash twice at night, and they tend to know what they are talking about! The first face washing removes any makeup you’ve used, while the second one actually does the cleaning.
  •  Washing your face to start the day is just as necessary as washing before bed. Think of how frequently you wash your pillowcase. Generally most people would say once a week, but in over the week oil, perspiration and other ‘stuff’ has built up on it. That in turn goes on your face. So wash your face when you get up.
  •  If you are a gym rat or frequently workout, keep a facial cleanser in your bag and wash your face when you’re finished with your work out. Sweat and pores are not the best of friends.

3. Keep your skin hydrated (Hint: this is outside your skincare require)

Keeping your skin hydrated largely depends on what you eat and drink. However, there are some ways to help supplement your skin hydration outside of your diet and water intake.

Topical lotions, creams and serums can help maintain your skin moisture but your diet and the amount of quality sleep you get are truly the determining factors. Once you have made a habit of enjoying eating and drinking healthy, only then will you truly see the added benefits from your skin care supplements.

How To Get A Glow Up

4. Sunscreen!

People with great skin will usually confirm that they wear a sunscreen any time they are outside. Everyday of the year. Even in the dead of winter. No matter how long they are going to be outside.

This might seem strange, especially because we are not exactly afraid of UV rays in the winter, but the SPF protects your skin from any of the elements you face, because they can all (over time) take their toll on your skin. Find a good moisturising sunscreen you can wear on your face to essentially act as a barrier to protect your skin.

So there you have it! Follow these simple tips to achieve a minimalist skin glow up. What you may have gathered after reading these tips is that when we talk about minimalist skin care, we are talking about having only a couple of products and focusing on healthy habits, as opposed to introducing you to a new routine or weird new skin care fad. Keep it simple and focus on you, then the glowing skin will follow!

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