3 In 1 Ultrasound Cavitation EMS Slimming Massager For Weight Loss

Get your new weapon in the fight to achieve a more sculpted, fitter-looking you. Avoid invasive liposuction treatments with this revolutionary EMS device that helps remove annoying skin blemishes, cellulite and get you slimming down all from the convenience of home!

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Beauty and skin care shouldn’t come at great expense to your body or your wallet. And now it won’t, with the Ultrasound Cavitation Slimming Device Massager. Achieve more supple and firm skin all over, and slim down, by targeting problem areas with this revolutionary and clinically proven device.

What Is An Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment

The massager vibrates at nearly a million times per second to instantly activate your skin cell membranes and accelerate metabolism to help eliminate undesirable tissue buildup This in turn, helps firm up the skin.

This ingenious ultrasonic massaging device works on aiding the regeneration of skin cells to prevent signs of aging and fatigue. Use your favorite skincare products in tandem with it for enhanced moisturizing effects.

Is Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation Safe


Light Indicators Make For Easy Function - When the Red light is lit on the device it will help increase your circulation and boost skin cell production of collagen and speed up your body’s metabolism.

  • When the blue light is on, the device will get to work on diminishing acne and inflammation while decreasing the chances of acne scarring.
  • When green, the device helps reduce excessive sebum secretion and keep your skin at balanced pH levels.
  • The purple light indicates a dual frequency to help reduce acne and improve lymph metabolism.
  • The yellow light helps reduce redness and puffiness.
  • And finally, the cyan colored light promotes collagen production and enhances your skin’s appearance.

User-Friendly Display - Begin the treatment right out of unboxing with 6 simple button functions including EMS, infrared, vibration, ultrasonic, ions, and light therapy.

Multi-Functional EMS Modes - Featuring 5 EMS modes including massage, kneading, tapping, scraping, and slimming and a further 8 levels to adjust intensity to your specified comfort, the customizations are nearly endless!

Exclusive Gloves Included - Use the exclusive and reusable EMS gloves to massage away your persistent cellulite and stimulate more efficient metabolism for a better, overall body feeling.

Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation Machine

What Does The Package Include?

  • 1 X EMS Body Slimming Massager (Main Unit)
  • 1 X Pair of EMS Gloves
  • 1 X Pair of Goggles
  • 1 X Power Adapter
  • 4 X Electrode Pads (2 Pairs)
  • 1 X 2-Way Electrode Wire
  • 1 X User Manual


Q: How often can we use the device?

A: You can use one mode once per day in a specific body area. Each mode must not be used for more than 10 minutes in an area.

Q: I can't feel the vibration, is it working?

A: Ultrasonic technology is light and you should almost not be able to feel any vibration coming from the device. You can test it with water, and see the water ripple.

Q: The device does not feel hot, is it normal?

A: This machine won't heat up. But you can feel a little warmth on the skin.

Q: How long will it take to see results?

A: Results can usually be seen after 15 days. It depends on the excess fat accumulated in your body.

Q: Can I use it on my face?

A: Yes, it is safe to use on your face.

Q: Does the device give heat?

A: Yes, please make sure your body comes into full contact with the probe. It is recommended that you apply slimming essence or lotion to have the best results. 

Q: How can I check if the device is working?

A: Put a few drops of water on the ultrasound probe and you will see the water drops vibrating.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

I was skeptical but this product worked for me, I can definitely see a change in my abdominal region. I gave it a 4 because now it seems to cut off earlier during use. I don’t know why and don’t know how much longer it will last.. I purchased it in January it’s only March.

Erika Becker

I bought this for my wife and she loves it

L Huesman

It burns fat very well.The goods arrived intact.It works very well.Excellent quality and reasonable price.You can do it at home.It saves time to go out


I haven’t used it consistently enough to tell if it reduces cellulite or not. My issue is the no matter I hold it my fingers accidentally touch the buttons and change the settings. The settings should not be located where your hand has to grip the device. Very frustrating.


The device has several Settings to adjust. The packaging is exquisite. The product has no quality problems. The price is cheaper than the beauty salon. The point is that it really makes my waist smaller.

E Bennett