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Great product

Speedy delivery, so quick that I was actually surprised. Material is good too. I bought this for minoxidil treatment, I received this and I tried it first with 2ml of water, it comes out as smoothly as I expected, i think you can put more water or liquid inside but that’s all I need for my pre treatment.

Not what I expected

This will be a perfect tool for someone who has to treat the scalp with medication. It would be very helpful to apply it equitably across the head. I had hoped to use it for some sort of deep moisturizing application, and it seems like way too much trouble to go to for that. For people who need it for medical reasons, it is pretty darn nice, but people without that situation may find it relegated to the back of the bathroom vanity drawer for an "if needed" status.

Works great! We'll see if they stay away?!

The pen worked like it said in the reviews. I do see the marks still just much lighter. So I don't know if they will stay away. I hope so.

Gentle Facial Steamer Humidifier

I have to say, this steamer is the shiz! I really researched before buying this - and the reviews were right! It's excellent. You don't a more expensive steamer - this is perfect. Well made and the steam is smooth and consistent. And you can add essential oils to it (are there non-essential oils? And what makes them so essential?) I digress. But seriously, you can't go wrong for the price or quality!

Bye bye moles

I'm very satisfied with this product!

It's a great product! Effective in improving signs of wrinkles under eyes and around the mouth area without downtime and the fraction of the cost of invasive procedures. Easy to use and great idea for quick and last minute overnight mini facelift. I'll buy them again!

These patches are amazing and the quality is very nice. I left it on over night and my under eye area clearly became smoother. Defiantly worth it to try it out!

I absolutely Love these... and I had jo problem with them sticking on my face all night.... I mainly used them for corners of my eyes , under my eyes as well as my forhead and smile lines... I did notice after only a couple uses that the lines at the corners of my eyes aka crowsfeet did deminish and i think after a few more uses the results will be even a more noticeable difference. Definitely recommending this product.

Love this product! Makes the area under my eyes look bright and wrinkled free. It also adds moisture to the area to keep me looking healthy! I would recommend this to friends.

I love it, this really work.

this Facial Skin Scrubber Blackhead Remover is awesome. very good at cleaning my face and remove the blackheads. I love using it to clean my face. excellent.

exactly what I was looking for, it’s like a personal facial at home, so easy to use, doesn’t leave any redness, doesn’t hurt!

Okay . . .first of all . . .HOLY COW! THis thing REALLY gets the clean in. I've done some research on this but the hands on experience is what Really makes the difference of how this product is.Pros:I clean my face daily twice a day, I have super oily skin I'm working on regulating and wide pores. This thing digs DEEP and got out SO much gunk. Versus my extractor tools I have to press on my face, this felt like this was the LEAST amount of pressure, thus, helping me from making more damage.Absorbption/ Ion - : This did amazing, I'm still freaking out. Most of the time when I put my serums or moisturizers feel like they never actually penetrate my skin. With this and the patch test, there was NOTHING left on top (granted did see a wee bit of steam rise as I went through. Which brings me to myWARNING: this thing NEEDS to have moisture applied while using. I see a lot of people with burns and it breaks my heart. When I see the instructions ,even the poor booklet instruction that wasn't very clear, and watched a few youtubes, I see a lot of them emphasize the need of it. This is a POWERFUL tool, even if it doesn't feel like it and did just as described. You MUST take care with this and treat this like a power tool with your body.

Be careful with this tool around sensitive areas like the bridge your nose, eyes, and eyebrow area as you need incredibly light pressure or to avoid entirely. I highly recommend looking up some tutorials first to see if this is a product you would actually benefit from. Personally, while it does what it should do, I’m not sure I needed it for my skin type.

I took some time before writing this product, and this is my official review. I have only used the deep cleaning mode and never used the silicone brush attachments, but i like the product.1) I suggest using oil cleaners because your face needs to be most at all times to be able to glide the spatula like end across your face continuous without adding more water or soap every 30 seconds. With the oil cleansers you can see all stuff coming out of off pores instead of the suds hiding them.2) you need to press it pretty hard against your face to get good results. Yes my face my red after but quickly goes away but lightly doing it i think there would be no visible results at all so quickly.3) you need to restart the product a few times to get ur entire face. To go slowly against ur face, the time limit is short, so just because it stops, doesnt mean your done at all.Its really cleares up my nose area and now i see my pores clearer than ever, and those puppies need to shrink asap!

Nano Fusion - Ionic Deep Cleaning Hot Steamer

The size is great for personal one session use. The steamer switches off automatically once the water tank is empty. Upon second use there was a little leak from between the tank unit and the top piece. I'm not sure if it was because I didn't install it properly but it wasn't a big issue. I'm used this twice and it is really therapeutic for a short self-care session. After steaming, I used the extraction tools included. My pores are truly opened because the sebum and filaments in my pores came out easily without much force from the tool. This is a good pre-step before a mask treatment. I'm considering using it as a daily step at night before applying my skincare products at night. I'll update if I see an improvement in my skin after doing that.

Nano Fusion - Ionic Deep Cleaning Hot Steamer

Kind of drying. I haven’t used it for over a few minutes. Make sure it’s really far from your face too to avoid burns. It doesn’t heat up right away, so it will surprise you when it’s suddenly boiling hot. It’s good for the price, and I will keep trying it to see if it’ll eventually help me exfoliate without making my skin look like a prune.I’ve used facial steamers before at spas, the outcomes are great. So maybe this one just isn’t for me or I need to figure out how to make it work

The device is excellent, fully corresponds to the description. Works in three modes. USB charging. I put a cream for the neck and do a massage, the sensations are very pleasant.

Nano Fusion - Ionic Deep Cleaning Hot Steamer
Haley O Meara

Great little steamer for the price! I didn’t want anything huge or complex and I like the smaller size of this unit. It may be small but it puts out plenty of steam and gets nice and hot. It’s nothing fancy but it does the job and was just what I was looking for. Also, I had some concerns when I first received it and reached out to the company via email and their customer service was really great!

Nano Fusion - Ionic Deep Cleaning Hot Steamer

when holding the product in my hands, there isn't a sense of quality, in terms of material. The tangible touch feels immensely cheap and the top piece where the steam comes out is really tiny, but the product works. My memory of facial steamers stems from my grandma/mother back in the 1980s where the facial portion was large enough for the entire face--but then again, my face was much smaller as a kid. Nonetheless, I have not had any issues and the price wasn't too bad. I'm a man and normally do not buy products such as this so there is no reference point to base the product quality, but if you accidentally drop this thing or tighten the top facial piece too much, you'll be buying another. Overall, I'm happy about the product and the results.

i am 4'11, waist size is 25 inches. i suggest ordering a smaller size. i love this trainer, its my most comfortable waist trainer so far. i use a lot of velcro trainers that poke out if i'd wear tight clothing. with this trainer, it's completely hidden underneath clothing! i like the way it looks compared to my other trainers as well.edit: i bought another waist trainer in a smaller size, fits perfect!

I have others that were hundres s of dollars that didn't do as well ....this machine is wonderful I love love love it

Nice product! I’be been using it for about a week and noticed my skin get softer. It has also helped slim and tightened my neck. The massager and heat are very pleasant and it’s a nice relaxing way to end the day.

Wet your face!

Aaaaamzing. Okay so I have very very deep blackheads to the point where you would think they are tiny freckles. I've tried all cleansers and then went with the blackhead suction tool and nothing helped. I used this thing ONE TIME and I can not believe the wonders that it has worked. Most of the blackheads were gone after 10 minutes of use. I also have very sensitive skin, but it didn't hurt or damage the skin whatsoever! I watched a YouTube review as I was doing it to make sure I was doing it correctly. Just buy it. I swear on this amazing creation!