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Mu magic pen

I really liked! It's little painful, but the results are amazing. I removed 1 dozen of skin tag around my neck and armpit.

Amazing Purchase

I odered this product on Thursday Aug 25, 2020 and I received it on Monday Aug 31,2020. I started on my hand had some small brown spots used the very small needles that came in the 10 pack. I only had it on the 1st setting which is 1 and it did its job. You do feel the shock which you get used to after a few seconds. Just pace yourself is my recommendation before you make it go higher start with 1 so you get the feel of the shock, but just on the number 1 it worked well. I can’t imagine what this does on the higher numbers. Well worth the price! Would recommend it highly.

Great device to get the job done. I have removed a few moles on my hand and arms. It is easy to operate and handle.

This product arrived well packed and in a nice little iridescent box. I personally did a lot of research online and watched a lot of videos before trying it out. I have to admit I was nervous to use it. It is quite intimidating, especially when looking at the packaged needles. I started off using the thicker tip but it is not as precise or as easy to use so I changed to the longer one. I haven't used the small needles yet. I recommend starting on the lowest level to begin with to see if you can handle the pain. I personally didn't feel anything on the lowest setting but felt it more from 3 upwards. You can smell your burning skin which is pretty gross so beware for that. I have only used this for freckles and small moles so far, I still have the small scabs minus one so far but I will update my review once these have come off and fully healed. On the one that has come off it is definitely pretty much gone, I am hoping the colour goes completely once it has healed properly. I did notice after burning the freckles/moles that my skin went red and became slightly itchy for a few minutes. It also made the moles slightly bigger than before. Beware whatever you burn, it will scab and you will be walking around like it so don't get carried away zapping them all at once.

Great Tool

This device worked greater than I ever thought it would. Work as good as going to a dermatologist for skin tags

Works great for moles and skin tags! I had a large mole I've had since birth and it came off easily. The instructions aren't great, I got most of the usage info from reading these reviews. I thought at first I had to burn around the edges of the mole to make it fall off, but you have to just burn the whole thing. It does smell! And it is a little painful because you're burning it and you can see the fire coming from the tip. I put a plaster over it and it healed up great, I just have a small red mark now that may or may not scar but it was a large mole, and I picked the scab. I also tried it on my tattoo, that was more painful and it took a lot longer to heal, it was sore and felt inflamed for a few days, unfortunately after it healed and the scabs came off it looks exactly the same! I might try again, maybe I can get deeper but it hurts a lot! My advice is get it for moles and skin tags not for tattoos.

Best product ever

This was one of the best purchases I have ever made. I had many unsightly skin tags on my neck and it got rid of them all. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to rid themselves of unsightly moles or skin tags.

I am soooo happy I bought this. I had six skin tags on my neck and a couple under my boob. Wish I'd taken before and after photos. Using just level 3 was enough to do the job. The spotlight is a great help too. After a few days the tags were gone. I didn't even notice how or when. Not sore, no scar! Burning flesh smells a bit, it stings a little but very tolerable. Well worth the money. 100% recommend.

It is as easy as the video depicts. Works exactly, like advertised. It is scary at first being electrocuted, lol. It is hard not to flinch. But, you get use to it very quickly. My dermatologist has told me very recently that the specific moles that I removed were nothing to worry about but he did not share my dislike for the appearance of the moles. Clean with alcohol first. Let dry. Removed the moles and then but Polysporin on them twice a day for 10 days. Reduces scaring and prevents infection.

Brilliant for skin tags?it looks very professional .a little bit scared when I first time use.but it doesnot hurt.i bought this to remove black spots from my hand. This product function very well and easy to use. I am very happy with the results so far.


These were really easy to use and you can use them overnight (maximum 12 hours). I left it on at first for 30 minutes. You can also put them in the refrigerator for a cooling effect.

You can seriously save a whole lot of $$$ with this. I've had my warts removed in Korea by a dermatologist (twice), and mannn it was a lot of money. Using this tool takes some practice though. Initially I got scared to feel the burning sensation and the smell, but once you get used to the process, it gets really easy. It doesn't leave a scar, since the burnt area is so small. Oh, by the way, I did not use numbing cream.

I bought it 3 weeks ago and I used it few times so far, working as expected and I use it with Gel it is helping me with the strechmarks on my stomach. Overall I am happy with the purchase.

No More Plucking My Chinny Chin Chin!!!!!

I've been plucking my chin since I was 18 years old I was cursed with a very hairy face. My whole life I watched my mom pluck her chin hairs. I've used this 4 times now. And I'm happy to say my lifelong dilemma is finally getting under control! I'm 50 years old and I have spent about an hour a day for over 30 years to try to keep my face smooth like a normal girl. Especially when I would drive long distances I would always have my tweezers with me and be plucking away. (Discreetly of course) it's always been my secret and my most embarrassing flaw. The most uncomfortable part of this laser process is shaving my face first. But I bought the razors that are like the tinkle and watched videos online and now it's no big deal because the laser is completely getting rid of my chin hairs. I can't tell you what a relief this is! This is the best beauty secret I've bought my whole life! I've also switched the lense to the skin rejuvenation one time. (They suggest to do that treatment once a week also) Of course my main focus has been to get rid of my whiskers. Now that it's actually doing that, I'm trying other areas of my body like my armpits and toes.... Yes I have very hairy toes! I'm a very feminine girly girl, and my hairiness has been my biggest pain in the ass! I will joyfully continue to use this laser without a doubt.

I finally decided to splurge on this gadget. I have two disgusting skin tags that I've hated for so long. This device removed it like nothing!

I am excited to see the results of this plasma pen. You just hold the power button until it turns on, press it to the desired level (I only used power 1) and there you go. Clean the needle and skin with rubbing alcohol and let dry. Don't push the pen too hard, and hold down the out button to use it. Afterwards clean with alcohol and apply antibiotic to the site when finished. The pain isn't bad and I am excited to see the results and to see these ugly moles gone forever!

I once paid hundreds of dollars to remove an annoying skin tag a couple of years back. Bought this pen for a fraction of that and it has already removed 2 same sized skin-tags. I over paid before realizing this product existed. It wont happen again.

Amazing Product

All my moles are gone now

It was very useful. I used it for a while and I love it. Removed some freckles on my arm and leg. The freckles haven't come back. Also removed hair and a skin tag off my partner.

I had a few skin tags which I wanted removed and it really work. You can barely feel any pain or discomfort. It's quite easy to use but you need to practice a little bit before using it on the skin. Very nice and cheap alternative than going to the doctors.

My skin has improved and i have less cellulite now. So happy with this product and will continue to use it!

Love it, I’ve been slowly getting rid of every skin tag, blood spot and every type of growth I can see.

I purchased it to remove my moles of my hands, and body, and it works so well. Excellent quality product and nice design. I'll recommend it.

Easy to use and affordable fat burner unit

Item is nice, small, quiet and easy to use. Be sure to purchase electrode gel for this unit it is not supplied with the purchase.

Excellent product,
I sugest to view online videos before using this product. The product works perfect but you most learn how to use it first.