MoleTact Pen - 9 Level Tattoo Freckle Mole Skin Tag Removal Plasma Pen

Don't waste money on expensive creams that don’t work or give only minimal results with months of use. Now, you can zap your dark spots, moles, freckles, warts, skin tags, and more at home. The 9 Level Plasma Pen stimulates your body to heal the treated area, so you’re left with radiant, clear skin.

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Feel more confident in your skin with our 9 Level Tattoo, Freckle, & Mole Removal Plasma Pen. The sun, free radicals, and age does a number on our complexion. Now, you can safely treat skin tags, warts, moles, melasma, and more at home. In just one treatment, the high-frequency voltage will cauterize the area and stimulate your skin to produce collagen and heal the area. In as little as two weeks, you’re left with a flawless, smooth complexion. 

How To Remove Warts At Home

The high voltage frequencies reduce the risk of infection, so there’s zero chance of scarring. The LCD display clearly shows the battery life and set level. With 9 levels to choose from, you can customize the pen to your comfort level. Quit covering those unsightly spots with makeup, and invest in our 9 Level Plasma Pen. 

Natural Skin Tag Removal


Safe, At-Home Treatment - No need to pay for expensive in-office lasers, our plasma pen is an effective, fast treatment for a variety of skin issues. Safe, simple, and easy to use, our plasma pen has zero side effects and little downtime. 

USB Charging - Use again and again with the included USB cable. Recharge in as little as two hours. 

One & Done Treatment - Warts, moles, dark spots, skin tags, tattoos, freckles... Our 9 Level Plasma Pen does it all. In just one treatment, you can get rid of all those pesky spots. 

Finger Wart Removal

Specifications :

  • Material: plastic, alloy
  • Features: Spot nevus, skincare, rechargeable, led design, 9-speed adjustment
  • Output: 5W
  • Charging mode: USB cable
  • Battery capacity: 500mA
  • Product size: 16.5*2*2cm
  • Charging time
Skin Tag Removal On Face

What Does This Package Include:

  • 1 X Freckle Removal Pen
  • 1 X Accessories Pack
  • 1 X USB charging cable
  • 1 X Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews

Products works pretty well. Took me a few times to fully remove a skin tag. Only complaint would be the instructions are not great. The video link the company gives you is to a random YouTube channel reviewing the product. I wish it was a professional video by the company but overall the product works well. Doesn’t hurt to bad


I can’t believe this thing worked. I had a few cherry angiomas on my arms that make me really self-conscious. Before going to a dermatologist, I decided to try out one of these “spot remover” pens.I did one area at a time, just in case I ended up scarring. Each area takes multiple treatments. The highest setting I have used was 7, and the pain is tolerable for me without using any numbing creams. One angioma on my bicep is completely gone. The largest, one on my forearm, needs probably one more treatment. The one that has been the hardest to remove is on my shoulder, so it’s hard to do by myself.I also tried this product on a few sebhoric keratosis and skin tags that I have. I’ve had less success with removing those.The included instructions are complete gibberish. Watch a YouTube video.


I had watched many videos and even sent a couple messages to the company about skin tag with really no luck. I figured out the skin tags need to dry up and burn off. You start at the top and it starts shrinking down layer by layer until you are down to the skin.The tool shuts off when it gets too hot. The first time it went through the charge in one setting but my guess is because I had it on 9.One I got the hang of it it was fairly simple to use. I got the skin numbing gel but found it burns better when the area is dry.I saw some that said there was blood. If you go slow layer by layer starting at the top there is not blood. Initially I tried taking it out at the base and did have copious amounts of blood and more complaints of pain. (Don’t start at the base).For the price it’s a good deal.

Kenney Tyson

I just received this product and I tried it out for the first time. I was scared at first because the reviews say it hurts. I finally mustered up the energy to try this product. I would say the pain level depends on the individual but for me it was a moderate pain level because I used the product on a 7 setting. It feels somewhat like a bee sting. I was very surprised to see that it does in fact burn off the surface of whatever unwanted things may be present on your skin. Overall pleased with the results so far.UPDATE: this product does work. You may just need to go over the area more than once to achieve the desired effect. Does not scar if used correctly, you want to be gentle when placing this on your face.


OMG! I wish I knew about this product before! So far so good! It has been a week since I removed my skin tag. First picture is when I had my annoying skin tag. Second picture is of when I removed it. I'm very happy with my results. I would definitely recommend this product!


Muy satisfecha. 🤭