9 Level USB Professional LCD Plasma Pen Laser

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Getting to the stage of achieving flawless skin is a long and stressful journey that is rarely accomplished. And costly too! We spend thousands on creams, treatments, appointments with skincare professionals, and many supposed miracle tools to get perfect skin. But no matter how smooth and silky we try to get it, natural defects like tags, blemishes, moles, and warts can remain.

What Causes Skin Tags

Now, you can get your hands on the final weapon you need in the quest to achieve clear and flawless-looking skin with the USB Professional LCD Plasma Pen Laser. Using the latest laser technology, it has 9 different levels to use depending on the extent to which you want to be removed. Lower levels are designed for small spots and freckle removal, while higher settings will remove moles and skin tags. The pen laser is small and easy to carry as well as charge, using a small USB charger.

Skin Tags On Neck


Choose Your Intensity Level - 9 levels of intensity to choose from for different skin treatments. The lower levels work on the spot and freckle removal and higher levels are used on moles and skin tags.

Not Harmful - Remove spots without causing bleeding or other nasty side effects.

LCD Display - Large, bright, and clear LCD display shows how much charge is left and the level of intensity currently in use. Have a clear understanding of the device from this simple and easy-to-read screen.

Simple And Quick Charging - Get over 5 hours of use from a single full charge. The USB charging plug and cord make for easy charging anywhere.

Stainless Steel Tip - The stainless steel spot pen is made with non-toxic stainless steel. This ensures it is hygienic and will never rust.

Skin Tag Removal Patches


  • Charging voltage: 5V/4A
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Battery capacity: 1200mAh
  • Product size: 19 X 2.8X 2.9cm
Best Skin Tag Remover

What Does This Package Include:

  • 1 X 9 Level USB Professional LCD Plasma Pen Laser
  • 1 X USB Charging Cable
  • 1 X Spare Needle
  • 1 X Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews

Didnt know we were allowed to use these at home. Needles involve, so I'd recommend you have some experience in beauty. Not for beginners or who are scarced of needles and pain. Make sure to read directions. They do work, just a lil scary.


So far it's amazing, I always go to the spa but now it's so convenient, I can do it at home because I am busy woman but still want take care for myself. First time I use it, it was scared 🤣 but I used to it now. I will review before and after one month later. 😘


I had to turn it on 9 to get rid of the mole on my upper lip. I have to tell you, it does sting or burn, but you get used to it after a while. The mole was completely gone and it only took two weeks to heal. It left a small scar, but barely noticeable unless you looked really hard. Great product.


It works very well on my freckles. I only used level 1 and applied neoprene right after. My skin healed up after about 3 days and the freckles look lighter. Well- worth for 50 bucks.


I have sunspots and moles on my face, I've had spots removed at the beauty salon, but it's expensive. This product is worth it. And easy to control, I will save a lot of money in the future :)


I just bought it with skepticism,my face have some black spots, it's not big but I don't like it, so I buy it, it can't remove instantly, I use it after a week and review it , The black spots will fade but will not disappear completely. Do not eat irritating food during this period and use repair medicine like VC