999999 Flash IPL Hair Removal Laser Epilator

Get one of the best at-home permanent laser hair removal suitable for all. Portable, easy to clean, and reusable, this laser hair removal kit can be used on the whole body and your face, capable of removing thick and fine hair. Discover this inexpensive way to remove hair permanently making this device the easiest choice for you.

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Stop spending your hard-earned dollar on hair removal methods that don't work. Or that does work, but sucks up too much of your paycheck!

Hair Removal

The Flash IPL Hair Removal Laser Epilator works equally well for both women and men, and will permanently remove your unwanted hair while keeping down new hair growth.

Glide Mode: For hair removal of larger areas like arms and legs.

Manual Mode: Gives better control and precision when removing hair from areas like chins, bikini lines, and underarms.

    Hair Removal Laser

    The sleek, modern design is just another amazing feature of this product that is gentle enough to use all over your body, including your face or Brazilian hair removal.

    You can get as many as 999,999 flashes out of one product, and you will be able to take care of your full hair removal needs in the comfort of your home, for years to come.

    Ipl Home Laser Hair Removal Device

    Professional Hair Removal

    Flash IPL Hair Removal Laser Epilator uses Intense Pulsed Light, professional technology to remove hair safely without skin injury. It heats your hair follicle just below the root of the hair (called a non-interfering light source), removing the melanin and repressing growth.

    Ipl Laser Hair Removal

    Adjust Treatment Level To Comfort

    All your skin is not equally sensitive. Start at level 1 to discover the perfect setting for the different parts of your skin, and decide on the best level for hair removal of any part of your body.

    Ipl Hair Removal Vs Laser Hair Removal

    New And Upgraded Version

    Flash IPL Hair Removal Laser Epilator requires no replacement cartridge, instead, you now get 999,999 flashes in a product with a handy LCD display that keeps count of the number of flashes left, type of flash, and treatment level currently in use.

    Ipl Laser Hair Removal Effectiveness

    What Does The Package Include?

    • 1 x IPL Device
    • 1 x Plug
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x Razor
    • 1 x Goggles

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 49 reviews
    Aliyah Hilton

    I decided to write a review after 6 weeks of using it. Very easy to use, the description how to use it is very simple, no need extra cream or anything. Need to be careful to not burn yourself. After three weeks I started to notice some bald spots on my legs, and my chin. Armpits and Bikini aria take longer, but only because the hair in those areas are thicker. Right now i am on the 7th week of using it and it definitely works!!!! I did recommend this product to all of my friends already, and wanted to leave useful comment as well. Need to be aware that we all have a different type of skin and hair. You will lose hair only if you will follow the description and will do the treatments regularly. Over all i have no complaints about the product. I was afraid to spend 100$, but with this item you will be pleased and save more money not going to salon for expensive treatments.

    Arissa Rankin

    I like it , i feel deferent, slow result showing,maybe it is depend on hair , but I follow the instructions and i feel the hair start to gone

    Derry Adam

    Bought this one for my wife, she loves. The IPL session at the clinic costs 150$ a session, this IPL appliance cost a fraction of it. She uses it on her face and under arm it worked very well.

    Aston Blair

    Easy to use, and it REALLY WORKS! The hair starts to grow slime by the second session. By now I basically don't have any more hair growing anymore. Under arms looks even lighter and very few hairs (almost nothing) growing back ! Great laser, don't think twice if you want to be HAIR FREE! It does the job!

    Kory Mcbride

    This IPL looks good, everything seems to be working. Only tried it once, will see the results after the whole course of hair removal.

    Serena Ferrell

    Easy to use, seller follows up after purchase to ensure your using device appropriately and effectively which I love. Device was easy to use after watching the clip. I love how i can adjust the level of energy for the zap based on my skin, im sticking with 4 as i have light brown skin but my hair im focusing on is black...haven't experienced Any burnt or scabs just burns on hair of my chain which is kinda like frying off my skin. I had a laser treatment before so i kniw how effective laser hair removal treatment is so patience is key result will Show if done right. Thank you!