Acne Pen - Smart Blackhead Remover with 10x Zoom Endoscopic Camera

The best tool for quickly clearing your face of unwanted blackheads and dirt!

This camera-equipped pen can tackle any job on or under the surface of your skin, using a ring light to spot those hard-to-reach areas on your nose!

With wifi connectivity, IOS, and Android compatibility this device displays real-time visuals so you can quickly and efficiently clear your skin no matter where you are!

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Imagine you’re out with your friends, and you feel a pesky new pimple appear on your nose but don’t have access to a mirror or anything to grab the little guy?

You feel insecurity and anxiety set in; if only you could take a peek, check it out, and see if it's really a problem - or only feels like one.

Are Blackhead Removers Safe

Keep your confidence high with this leather-encased, acne attacking Smart Blackhead Remover. Designed with your busy life in mind, this sleek, pocket-sized pen is fully equipped to spot any imperfections on the surface of your skin - whenever and wherever you are!

Does A Blackhead Remover Work

Visual face cleaning takes on a new meaning with this tool, equipped with wifi connectivity, IOS, and Android compatibility; the Acne Pen utilizes a ring light and a 10x Zoom Endoscopic Camera to catch your unexpected blemishes and pluck them up in their path - leaving you with a clear, acne-free face! Acne can be a massive contributor to feelings of self-consciousness and an all-around mood ruiner. That’s why we’ve developed the Acne Pen!

How To Prep Face For Blackhead Removal


10x Macro ZoomBuilt-in 10 x macro zoom camera utilizes a visual acne needle to allow you to see blackheads and unwanted pimples in real-time directly on your device. The camera offers both video and photo options.

Sleek DesignSleek and stylish appearance makes it easy to travel with, whether you are tossing it in your purse or storing it in your car's center console!

App Connectivity: Smart App real-time view allows you to see what you’re doing on any device. Compatible with both IOS and Andriod.

Easy To Replace And CleanReplaceable Metal Head. This saves you money and allows for simple upkeep. It makes replacement easy, especially on the go!

Which Blackhead Remover Is Best


Type-C Charging Port: This standard household USB allows for optional battery life (70 working minutes) and short charging times (2 hours).

Simple One Switch System: One-click activates the pen's ring light, allowing for better visibility in darker settings.

Wifi Connectivity: Keeps you online when you’re out and about, without draining your data!

Why Is Blackhead Removal Satisfying


Material: PC, ABS, Stainless Steel
Size: 14.5*1.45*1.35cm
Weight: 0.07kg
Packing Size: 12.2*17*18.4cm
Rated Input: DC 5V/ 1A
Rated Power: About 1W
Battery Specifications: 250mAh, 3.7V
Charging Time: About 2 Hours
Continuous Working Time: About 70 Minutes (When Connected To Mobile Phone)
Working Frequency: 2400MHz-2483.5MHz
Camera: COMS Sensor: 30W Pixels; Lens Lens: 200W Pixels
Charging Method: Type-C Interface

Electric Pore Cleaner Black Head Suction Extractor Tool Kit Acne Removal Blackhead Remover Vacuum

What Does The Package Include?

1 x Smart Blackhead Remover
1 x Leather Case
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

This blackhead removal tool is simply amazing. You can see a super zoomed in version of your skin and the process is rather easy. I realize show unhealthy my skin was, thanks to this. Super convenient to use and I ended up spending more than an hour carefully trying to remove as many blackheads as I could. They recommend not to use it more than twice a week, so I will stick to that schedule. Super glad I got this!

Cody Delozier

I would share the video of me using it on myself but I don’t think anyone here would want to see that, lol. This thing works like a magic. It happened to come in when my mom and sister were visiting and we all ended up using it for an hour, laughing and being absolutely intrigued by watching it on my phone, camera has surprisingly amazing quality, it connects fast and easy and the app does all you really need it for. Would definitely recommend for black heads!


Probably one of the best things I've bought for my face! I had some blackheads on my nose that's visible when you're close, but this magnified it by 10x and I saw how much was really in there. Within a week, my pores looked so much smaller and the deeper sebum resurfaced. I gave my nose a break and not overwork it or you'll end up with the reddest nose that'll take a bit to go away.


If you cannot handle seeing what is truly embedded in your face, this product is not for you. Not only has it shown me blackheads that even the strongest light up magnification mirrors don't show, I am also now aware of sporadic BLACK chin hairs I never knew I had! I also discovered if you use a little pressure on the blackheads ready to pop they will come right out as you run the camera across your skin.

Bruce B

First if all, I was skeptical that this would really be effective. It is. It is very easy to identify pores that need cleaning and with a minimal amount of pressure they're clean. The app works great and it is very easy to see your skin at magnifications that are incredibly clear. Once you've used this, it's addictive. You can identify early on clogged pores that might get inflamed before they do and eliminate the problem. I would recommend this to anyone with skin that needs a little help to stay deeply cleaned and unblemished.


I am so in love with this. It is so fascinating to see how it removes all of my blackheads so easily without damaging the skin. I highly recommend!