AcneFix - Blue Light Laser Photon Therapy Wand

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Acne is embarrassing, but you can do something about it. Stop breakouts before they start with the Acne Galvanic Waves Blue Laser. It targets the root causes of acne, bacteria, and excessive oil production. Combining sonic pulses and blue light, our Blue Laser pen kills bacteria before it can cause breakouts.
Blue Light Laser Pen For Acne

Unfortunately, not only teenagers suffer from acne. Adults get acne, as well, but acne creams dry out the skin and speed up the aging process. The Blue Laser pen stimulates collagen production for firmer, younger-looking skin, while clearing your skin. Don’t sacrifice your youth trying to zap your breakouts.

Acne Laser Pen Portable

The gentle, pain-free sonic vibrations help the blue wavelengths penetrate deep into your pores where it eradicates acne-causing bacteria. The stainless-steel massage head and heat therapy are soothing on your skin. Microcurrent technology activates cellular regeneration, so your skin fills in fine lines and shrinks enlarged pores. With the rechargeable Blue Laser pen, you can treat your acne and heal the damage acne caused.
Acne Clearing Blue Light Pen


Acne Blasting Blue Light
When used twice a week, 415nm blue wavelengths have been shown to reduce 90% of acne-causing bacteria. Blue light has a healing effect. It reduces inflammation, tightens loose skin and stretched out pores, and calms overactive oil glands. Blue light reaches far beneath the surface of the skin to eradicate bacteria where it’s lurking.

Medical-Grade Steel Massage Head
Bacteria can’t multiply on the antibacterial stainless-steel head.

42-Degree Heat Therapy
The heated massage head is a great way to ease away the stress of the day and keep tension headaches at bay, while zapping bacteria on the surface of the skin.  

Rejuvenating Microcurrents
Microcurrent technology pushes your cells into regeneration overdrive. The anti-inflammatory nature of the microcurrents reduces red spots, acne scars, and discoloration. After using your Blue Laser pen, you’ll notice shinier, tighter, and firmer skin.

Dual Acne & Anti-Aging
You don’t have to decide between your acne or your wrinkles. Treat both with the Blue Laser pen. Increased cellular metabolism boosts collagen production, so fine lines are diminished. Your skin will be clearer and firmer with the Blue Laser pen, and you’ll be more confident in your skin.


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 14*3*3cm
  • Power supply: USB
What Is The Best Light Therapy For Acne?

What Does This Package Include:

  • 1 X Acne Fix - Blue Light Laser Photon Therapy Wand
  • 1 X Cable
  • 1 X Manual 

Customer Reviews

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Impressed right out of the box.




So far it's nice to use! Will see how it goes.




I have super sensitive skin so I am very particular about the facial device I use. I decided to go for this because it's quite affordable and easy to carry. It does what it says. This product does not cause any irritation and my skin feels a lot smoother. Like it!