Blackhead Pimple Popper Extractor | Blackhead Vacuum Removal Tool

Look and feel great with vacuum absorption technology that removes oil, dirt, sebum, and blackheads from the skin.

Without leaving your house, you can use the silicone-covered heads to remove skin impurities, fine lines, and blackheads so that you can have the fresh, dewy skin you want.

Clean your pores without skin injury or residue and keep your skin looking healthier and younger.

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Blackheads and pimples can make you lose confidence in yourself. Luckily, there's the Blackhead Pimple Popper Extractor to remove these blemishes, and nothing works better!

Acne Blackhead Remover Vacuum Suction Pore

The Blackhead Pimple Popper Extractor is great for removing the oil, dirt, sebum, and blackheads from the skin and keeping you feeling and looking great. It’s made with a suction function and vacuum absorption technology, which easily and painlessly removes all blackheads from your skin when the product is applied. Clean your pores without skin injury or residue. Keep your skin looking healthier and younger while working to eliminate blackheads, pimples, acne, and other skin irritants. 

Best Blackhead Suction Remover


Vacuum Technology: This tool uses an incredibly strong suction function to help remove your blackheads and pimples. The tech is powerful and effective while remaining pain-free and completely safe. It will vacuum up your blemishes while leaving you feeling refreshed and healthy.

Moisturize And Exfoliate: It helps remove the oil and dirt from your skin, leaving your face moisturized and exfoliated like never before. Keep your skin healthy and young by eliminating the irritants which build up in severe weather conditions like sunny days or rainy nights.

Wrinkle-Fighting: In addition to removing blackheads and pimples, and moisturizing your skin, this vacuum tool helps fight wrinkles and eliminates unsightly crow’s feet. Keep your skin tight, healthy, and soft with this all-in-one product.

Blackhead Removal Tool Suction


Stay Healthy And Young: This vacuum tool will keep you feeling healthy and younger than you thought possible. Its multi-functionality helps make your skin the best it can be in a variety of innovative and exciting ways.

Build Your Confidence: Stop worrying about your appearance and start building your confidence. You can face the world with a smile and a wave when you use the vacuum tool to remove blemishes and moisturize. Stay clear-headed and confident with this vacuum tool.

Fight Every Irritant: The vacuum tool comes with four different heads, which will remove and fight every irritant your skin holds. Don’t let oily or blemished skin keep you down; use this vacuum tool to exfoliate, moisturize, remove, and strengthen your skin consistently and effectively.

Blackhead And Whitehead Suction

The Small Suction Head: Suitable for skin that is tender or fragile, such as the skin around your eyes.

The Medium Suction Head: Best for use on skin that requires a medium suction, such as the skin on your nose.

The Large Suction Head: Comes with the highest suction level and will remove grease, blackheads, cosmetics residue, etc. from the skin all over the body.

The Oval Head: Best for improving skin elasticity, as well as removing and preventing wrinkles from forming on your skin. Don't wait around for those wrinkles to appear, but use the oval head on the corner of your mouth and other areas with fine lines.
Blackhead Suction Facial

What Does The Package Include?

  • 1 x Main Device
  • 4 x Replaceable Suction Head
  • 1 x Silicone Protection Cover
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Zahrah Huang

I was so excited to use this right away. Great design and I love that its rechargeable. The suction is great! Very pleasantly surprised! Would recommend!

Samira Ware

Im in love! This is my first time purchasing a vacuum pore sucker gadget! Lol I didnt expect this vacuum to be as powerful as it is! It really grips to the skin and the diffrent power levels work sooooo good! I Definitely recommend this product as a GREAT buy!

Eleasha Byers

This worked awesome! yes son had not taken good care of his personal hygiene but this cleaned all the goo after a very hot shower from his face! I love it!

Ahmad Austin

It really cleans my face leaving it smooth.

Leona Combs

I am a person who has large pores and oily skin. I have to be careful if which facial products I use as they would cause my skin to become even more oily. After using this product I've noticed a huge difference in the appearance and feel of my skin after the first use. As maintenance, I use it every 2-3 days.

Inez Powell

I have been using it a lot recently because it is so intuitive to use and super easy to clean. It came with several different heads. You can sanitize it right after you have done with that one. I feel so happy to see all those blackhead been vacuumed out with the powerful ability.