DeepClean - Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

Get great skin the way nature intended - with steam power! DeepClean’s nano ionic facial steamer is a highly effective and all-natural remedy for anyone suffering from common skin blemishes like clogged and coarse pores, acne, and blackheads. All you need to do is relax and let the steam get to work for you.

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One of the most important factors in achieving flawless skin is to have clear pores and getting clean pores can be difficult and many solutions only further irritate the skin, getting you nowhere!

With DeepClean’s Nano Ionic Facial Steamer, you can get clean and clear skin every time from pure and gentle, yet highly effective steam. Coarse and clogged pores, acne, blackheads and dry skin will all be greatly diminished with consistent usage of this purified steam emitter device. All you need to do is relax and let the steam get to work for you. Start unclogging your pores the way nature intended!

How Often Should You Use A Facial Steamer


Easy To Use: Simple one-button control makes for easy and simple operation. With a 90ml tank, your session is complete when steam runs out. 

Anti-Bacterial UV Light: Ensure the prolonged hygienic use of the device with the built-in UV light. Great for allergy sufferers!

Cleansing Natural Steam: This device turns regular water into fine nano-sized molecules that your skin can quickly use to absorb and penetrate deep into the skin. For even more effective use, use filtered water!

When To Use A Facial Steamer


Cleansed Skin: Your skin will be naturally cleansed without any more creams or chemicals. Clean your skin and especially your pores the most natural way available.

Solve Many Skin Issues: The device is great for those who suffer from common skin blemishes like acne, clogged and coarse pores, blackheads and dry skin.

Suitable For All Skin Types: Because there’s no harsh tools or creams used, anyone can use this device to treat their skin. Kids and teens will definitely benefit from this device!

How To Clean Facial Steamer


  • Material: ABS
  • Plug Type: US Plug
  • Power: 110v-220v/280W
  • Water Tank Capacity: 90ml
  • Use Time: About 18min
  • Size: Approx. 15.3 x 10.4 x 16.4 cm/6.02 x 4.09 x 6.45 inches
What Does A Facial Steamer Do

How To Use:

  1. Open the cover at the back of the device.
  2. Add clean water. DO NOT ADD ANY OILS.
  3. Place the cover back on.
  4. Ensure device is safely plugged into an outlet.
  5. Open the dust-proof lid on the front of the device.
  6. Slide the button on and start enjoying steam treatment.
  7. Once finished (when steam stops), turn device off.
  8. Unplug from outlet.
How To Use A Facial Steamer

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Vanessa Pam
Solid purchase

Great buy for pre-extractions or just overall aiding in the absorption of your products. It’s easy and generates a good amount of steam.

Taylor B.

PERFECTION!! best product I’ve ever had!! it’s really easy to use and just be careful with the steamer when handling and I recommend wearing a headband to make sure everything is perfect. I have 0 complaints.

Tanit Barton
Very good quality spa.

It's so good and relaxing I used it once a month it make my face feel fresh and smooth.

Molly Rae

AMAZING. Works perfectly. I am in love. Gets nice and hit and gives off great steam and I'm so happy I bought this. Great price!

Susie Nelson
Great item

Love it because it's a great steamer plus at the price. Arrived quick as well.

Violet T.
Perfect yet compact!

Small but mighty! I got this when I had a severe sinus infection and the only thing easing the congestion in my head was steam. I used this and it actually works amazing. I like the power and strength of the steam and also I love that it has a cap on the nozzle so dust won’t settle on it. Great little product that does it’s job!