Deluxe Skin Tag And Mole Remover Pen

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Skin Tag Removal Made Easy

Feel confident with this "wonder-device" as it is dermatologically-tested to be painless and safe to use. Works on skin tags, moles, warts, blemishes, and freckles too!

Mole Removal


Your Own Skin Beauty Machine

Now with nano-needle technology, electric ion technology, and microcomputer control. Monitor the strength levels and adjust power outputs. All specially tailored to your preferences.

Mole Removal Near Me

Portable And Easy To Operate

Bring it with you even when you're traveling as it is light and convenient to carry. It is designed to be easy to use. A single charge can give you more than 5 hours of battery life.

Mole Removal At Home

A One Size Fits All Solution

The device is suitable for different skin types, skin tolerance, and pigment spots. With 9 adjustable strength levels and 6 levels of intensity for solving various symptoms.

Mole Removal Before And After

Painless, Safe, And Affordable

Meet the tool that gets rid of your skin tags without hurting your skin and your wallet. Remove spots painlessly and safely as the device works well without causing any bleeding.

How Much Is Mole Removal

What Does the Package Include?

  • 1 x Main pen
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x Big needle
  • 1 x Small needles set
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Retail box

Customer Reviews

Based on 180 reviews
Mu magic pen

I really liked! It's little painful, but the results are amazing. I removed 1 dozen of skin tag around my neck and armpit.

Amazing Purchase

I odered this product on Thursday Aug 25, 2020 and I received it on Monday Aug 31,2020. I started on my hand had some small brown spots used the very small needles that came in the 10 pack. I only had it on the 1st setting which is 1 and it did its job. You do feel the shock which you get used to after a few seconds. Just pace yourself is my recommendation before you make it go higher start with 1 so you get the feel of the shock, but just on the number 1 it worked well. I can’t imagine what this does on the higher numbers. Well worth the price! Would recommend it highly.


This product arrived well packed and in a nice little iridescent box. I personally did a lot of research online and watched a lot of videos before trying it out. I have to admit I was nervous to use it. It is quite intimidating, especially when looking at the packaged needles. I started off using the thicker tip but it is not as precise or as easy to use so I changed to the longer one. I haven't used the small needles yet. I recommend starting on the lowest level to begin with to see if you can handle the pain. I personally didn't feel anything on the lowest setting but felt it more from 3 upwards. You can smell your burning skin which is pretty gross so beware for that. I have only used this for freckles and small moles so far, I still have the small scabs minus one so far but I will update my review once these have come off and fully healed. On the one that has come off it is definitely pretty much gone, I am hoping the colour goes completely once it has healed properly. I did notice after burning the freckles/moles that my skin went red and became slightly itchy for a few minutes. It also made the moles slightly bigger than before. Beware whatever you burn, it will scab and you will be walking around like it so don't get carried away zapping them all at once.


Great device to get the job done. I have removed a few moles on my hand and arms. It is easy to operate and handle.

Great Tool

This device worked greater than I ever thought it would. Work as good as going to a dermatologist for skin tags


Works great for moles and skin tags! I had a large mole I've had since birth and it came off easily. The instructions aren't great, I got most of the usage info from reading these reviews. I thought at first I had to burn around the edges of the mole to make it fall off, but you have to just burn the whole thing. It does smell! And it is a little painful because you're burning it and you can see the fire coming from the tip. I put a plaster over it and it healed up great, I just have a small red mark now that may or may not scar but it was a large mole, and I picked the scab. I also tried it on my tattoo, that was more painful and it took a lot longer to heal, it was sore and felt inflamed for a few days, unfortunately after it healed and the scabs came off it looks exactly the same! I might try again, maybe I can get deeper but it hurts a lot! My advice is get it for moles and skin tags not for tattoos.