Soft Touch - EMS Ultrasonic Ion Device

Treat yourself to a toning, brightening facial at home. Safe for everyday use, Safe Touch increases your skin’s elasticity by rejuvenating collagen production. Deep cleanse your pores and fight discoloration and inflammation. The ultimate lifting miracle for your face, this tool will become the most important part of your skincare arsenal.

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Tired of multiple skincare tools that don’t make a difference in your complexion? The Photon Therapy Microcurrent Massager deep cleanse your pores with ion technology and penetrating microcurrents, but it also fights discoloration and inflammation. Photon therapy has a lifting and rejuvenating effect on your skin that makes you look years younger.

Anti Aging Microcurrent & Light Therapy Device

Why go for an expensive facial when you can improve your skin at home? This masterful skincare tool fights signs of aging by diminishing lines and evening out skin tone. Plus, it inhibits bacteria from multiplying in your pores and causing pimples or whiteheads. Feel your best and look half your age with this handy too! 

Do Microcurrent Devices Really Work


Deep Cleansing Microcurrents - The high-frequency vibration and ion charges lift dirt and bacteria from deep in your pores and wash them away. Simply clamp on a cotton pad to cleanse your face of build-up and impurities.

Red & Blue Photon Therapy - The red photons calm and even out pigmentation while smoothing fine lines. Your skin will look and feel younger! The blue photons fight inflammation and acne-causing bacteria before they can develop into breakouts.

Heated Massage Head - The heat opens up your pores so that your serums and creams can be more readily absorbed. Plus, it relaxes your facial muscles and stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Fast USB Charging - Charging in as little as 5 hours, this skincare tool is easy to carry with you when you travel. Plug it in every night so it’s ready to go for your morning skincare routine.

Best At Home Microcurrent Device


  • Item Type: EMS Ultrasonic Ion Cleaner
  • Color: White/Pink
  • Material: ABS
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Power: 4W
  • Battery: 1200mAh
  • Charging Time: 5 Hours
  • Weight: 105g
  • Size: 5.5*18cm/2.17*7.09in

Best At Home Microcurrent Facial Device

What Does The Package Include: 

  • 1 X Main Machine
  • 1 X USB Cable
  • 1 X Manual
  • 1 X Box

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

Easy to operate no change in skin/wrinkles seen as yet.... But it has only been 2 weeks, however my skin does feel smother after each use.

What a Difference

I am so glad I purchased this item. I have been using it twice a day for the past 2 weeks. My husband has noticed a difference in the tightness of my jawline already. I can only image how good I`m going to look in 6 months from now. Can`t wait!


Red light therapy really works! I was skeptical about this but it really helps reduce wrinkles. It comes with proper instructions - so easy to figure out. It’s been a month and I have been using it two times a day and can feel the difference. My skin feels tighter.

Kali Light Shadow

Seriously, since using this for 15 minutes each day, my skin has been looking amazing. I'm almost 46 and I think this device is reversing my aging. I have melasma (well, I did) but since using the device (just 3 weeks) my major brown spots are nearly gone. The texture of my skin is much better and it's tighter.


This product does the job. It has all the bells and whistles you can dream of. Time will tell with consistent use what results are going to be achieved. It is entirely easy to use and will update my review.

madelene renee nilo

I am a skeptic, and I read reviews for a long time. I am 42, and I have common problems with a face skin. ... and here I risked ordering. I am happy with results. This really works for me. The effect is visible from the first application. Since I used combination function of the machine, not really sure which function that has works on my skin but believe it does help skin absorption of the skin care applied. I also like the massage function.