High Frequency Electrotherapy Facial Device

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What Is High Frequency Electrotherapy Facial Device?

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Your Personalized Beauty Device

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Why High Frequency Electrotherapy?

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Cost-Effective And Convenient

Get your own facial device at home without going to a beauty saloon anymore. This is much more effective and has multi-purposes according to your personal needs.

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Durable Glass Tube

Made of good quality glass tube design to ensure customer's pleasant experience. The ultra-violet light releases argon gas to help remove toxins and provide oxygen.

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Safe And Non-Invasive Treatment

Not only works well on the skin and sensitive eye areas but also safe to use on hair to help stimulate the scalp and result in hair growth and reduce hair loss. 

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Pick Electrodes According To Your Skin Concern

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How To Use:

1. Insert the chosen glass electrode into the high-frequency machine.

2. Turn the machine down to a zero level and turn it on.

3. Test it with your finger before placing it on to your skin.

4. Place the electrode on your skin and remove your finger.

5. Move the electrode in small circles around the skin for a maximum of five minutes.

There is no guarantee of specific results and each person's results may vary. Please refer to the manual instructions and use it with caution. If in doubt, consult your physician for professional advice.

Our Customers Love It!

Awesome product! Works great for acne! My pores are really small after using it, and it’s so simple! I’ve tried others and this is the best I’ve found! Just like at a spa! Money is well spent!


This product worked wonders for my son who suffers from acne. After the first use there was a difference in the redness and the acne dried up nicely. Would definitely recommend for this purpose.


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