LED Ultrasonic Facial Therapy Facial Device

Get rid of saggy skin and reduce facial and neck fat. Stop water retention in your skin and reduce fluids in your face. The ultrasonic device massages your face and neck using light therapy to tone, lift, and tighten loose skin and reduce double chin giving you a desired v-line. Improve elasticity, reduce deep wrinkles and fine lines. Adjust the cold and warm temperature to help stimulate skin blood circulation, smoothen rough texture, and clean clogged pores.

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Led Facial Treatment


Led Light Therapy Facial


Ultrasonic Face Massager with LED Lights

The most advanced ultrasonic facial massager, designed to tighten and lift skin, improve elasticity, reduce deep wrinkles and fine lines.

Along with its adjustable temperature function, the cold and warm temperature help stimulate skin blood circulation, smoothen rough texture and clean clogged pores.

Led Light Facial


Feel The Cooling Sensation

Indulge with the cold treatment that is best to treat dehydrated open pores, improve skin elasticity and lock in moisture.

The blue LED light also practically reduces varicose veins and reduce dark spots. It instantly reduces swelling pain of the skin especially great for sensitive skin. It works best when your temperature is between 5-10°C.

Ultrasonic Sensor With Led Code


Skin Never Felt So Great

Activate our red LED lights that promote blood circulation. This device will make your skin tender and soft. It suggested to keep the optimal temperature at 42°C, which can help open up the pores at its finest. Your skin acts like a sponge to help better absorption of your skin care products.

It helps improve skin metabolism, discharge waste toxins and helps to reduce eye bags and dark circle.

We Only Deliver The Best

Ultrasonic Led Facial

Long Charging Life

The battery capacity can last up to 1000mAh and stand by for 45 days. The charger power is 2.5W and only takes about 5-6 hours to get fully charged.

Led Ultrasonic Skin Rejuvenation

Unique Design

This incredible ultrasonic device is made of ABS material and comes with gold and white design. Our core mission is to make it portable and lightweight at only 0.15kg.

Led Ultrasonic

Incredible Features

Our awesome device vibrates at 12000r/pm. The hot and cold LED lights function are the key attributes of this creation. Each treatment will only take about 3 mins.

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews

I first use it to clean my face, I add a makeup remover to it, it feels good, and then I introduce skin care products with a thermal guide, which works well with vibration, heat and absorption!

Jade B

Very good product and the seller is helpful.


Makes my skin feel smooth and glowy

Emily B.

I did use once, but it is really great quality product!!! Will be super happy to use it!


Very happy with the results.All breakouts gone and my skin is super soft and clear.Highly recommend

Johanna B.

Only been using it for a week now but can already see a difference in my skin texture. Had this treatment in salons and it cost a fortune. Easy to use and it works.