IPL Laser Hair Removal

Stop the pain of waxing and forget expensive salon visits! Permanently remove hair from your face, neck, and even your whole body from the comfort of your own home. Clinically proven to be dermatologically safe and effective, the results of this mighty tiny IPL device are the same as an expensive laser hair removal treatment at a clinic. Safe to use on all skin areas for face, body, and full brazilian. Suitable for light and dark skin and can remove both thick hair and fine hair.

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What is IPL Laser Hair Removal?

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is a light therapy emits wavelength to destroy hair follicles under the skin without damaging your skin tissue, prevent hair regrowth and leaves your skin silky smooth.

It is clinically proven to be dermatologically safe, effective, and result in the same outcome as the expensive laser hair removal treatment at the clinic. It is safe to use on all skin areas for face, body & full Brazilian.

Ipl Hair Removal

Say Goodbye To The Awkward Skin Bumps And Hair

Skip the hassle of having to go to painful waxing and expensive laser sessions! Get your hands on with our intelligent IPL hair remover device to remove unwanted hair and leaves your skin silky smooth in no time.

Ipl Before And After

Enjoy 92% Hair Reduction After 3 Treatments

Flash it in just a second and visibly reduced hair in just 2-3 sessions. This IPL device has a damaging effect on the hair roots to inhibit its growth permanently with consistent usage. The light works great on the melanins known as dark pigment in your hair.

What Is Ipl

Permanent And Pain-Free

What's really cool about our IPL device is fast and painless result, which effectively destroy unwanted hair on your armpit, arms legs, facial hair and even full Brazilian.

Ipl Machine

Customize Your Light Settings

Customize 5 levels of light intensity according to your skin sensitivity and level of hair growth. The handset provides more than 500,000+ flashes and can last up to 10 years.

Ipl At Home

Handy And Cost-Effective

Save your money without going to laser treatment that can be very costly in the long run. You can now use anytime, anywhere with this handheld and compact design.

Ipl Treatment Near Me

How To Use

  1. Shave the hair area a day before you begin the treatment.
  2. Select a suitable intensity according to your hair pigment.
  3. Press the “flash” button. And move on to the area that needs to be treated.
Ipl Cost

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Ling H.
It works!

I Had tried the light twice already. It is easy to use. When I used it, it is comfortable but just feel a little bit hot. The result didn't come out very obviously at first time. However, after the second time, I definitely feel the hair is grow out slowly and less.

Karin W.

Very nice product at a great price, easy to use and feels quality built. after two treatments my legs are considerably smoother.

Kea B.

I love this product! I was getting laser hair removal AGAIN! After my pregnancy it was a huge insecurity! I hated it and would cry all the time. I was going to pay 200$ PER treatment of 6 treatments!! I just paid $89 bucks and my life/face/ confidence has been through the roof! It worked wonders after my second treatment ! Definitely would recommend to anybody with unwanted hair!

Jessica D.
Practical and convenient.

The light is very soft and comfortable when used, and it can adjust the mode according the color of hair, all my family member can use it, and we can remove unwanted hair from different body parts, so, highly recommended it!


Simple to operate, and the automatic mode is very convenient. There was a slight hot feeling, but it can be tolerated. Used twice, the skin was a little bit red, but it was not allergic, and it will recover after using moisturizer. Look forward to seeing changes!


I've been using it for 2 weeks ,and it has been great! I was skeptical to buy this product at first. I spent hours and hours reading internet reviews.I wasn't too sure if it would get rid of my bikini line and underarm hairs. After finally buying it and trying it out for more than 2 weeks , I have to say I 100% recommend it!After having used it every 1 week on my underarms and bikini area using the highest level, it has gotten rid of approval 80% of my hair.I surely won't ever go back to waxing. The price is worth it considering that a laser treatment for me in a clinic can be close to 150$.