Sapphire - Professional IPL Permanent Laser Hair Remover

Be seconds away from clean and clear, smooth skin. Using sapphire technology to ensure deeper penetration below the epidermis layer for more effective hair removal and less irritation at the site of the treatment. The painless, safe, and best way to get salon-quality laser hair removal, right from the comfort of your home.

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The best method available to achieve smooth skin is with laser hair removal. It’s so much more effective than simply shaving an area. But the costs associated with laser hair removal can be prohibitive for many of us.

 Now you can get laser hair removal from the comfort of your home and without breaking the bank with the Sapphire Professional IPL Permanent Laser Hair Removal device. Once it recognizes your skin type and color and after some simple preparation of the area you want hair removed permanently, you’re only seconds away from professional grade, smooth skin. It’s safe, it’s effective and most of all it’s affordable.

Facial Hair Removal


 Automatic Hair Removal: No need to worry about times of exposure or intensity levels, the device takes care of all these factors automatically. You’ll get a precise laser treatment every time.

Manual Or Skin Color Recognition Modes: Choose the mode you want. Manual mode is good for the armpits and bikini line. The latter mode is best for larger areas around the body that are also less sensitive.

Real Skin Color Recognition: Your skin actually decides the laser energy level needed, not the device. It’s that smart! This allows for the most perfect treatment possible.

Sapphire Crystal Technology: Ordinary epilators don’t penetrate deep enough below the epidermis layer of the skin for effective laser hair removal. Our sapphire crystal device does, getting closer to the root of the hair for a more permanent laser hair removal.

Best Hair Removal For Private Parts


Long Lasting Effects: After the 4-week mark, the area that received the laser treatment will be totally free of hair, permanently. You’ll notice in those four weeks a gradual, then total, removal of all hair.

 Cut Out Expensive Salons: No longer will your bank account see the effects of expensive laser treatments. Now, you can do it home at your convenience.

 Sapphire Cooling Technology: Not only does the sapphire laser technology ensure a more permanent hair removal; the cooling technology ensures less irritation at the site of the treatment.

Best Hair Removal

Specifications :

  • Model: T023C
  • Adapter: Input 100-240v~50/60Hz Output 24v /1.9A
  • Power: 40w
  • Size: 116 x 217.8 x 42mm
  • Weight: 0.325 kg
  • Use In Room: Temperature 5 ~ 40ºc, Humidity 20 ~ 90% ONLY.
Best Facial Hair Removal

How To Use:

  1. Use a razor to remove grown hair from the area to be lasered off.
  2.  Connect device to external power source.
  3.  Short press the devices power button.
  4.  Switch to skin color recognition function.
  5.  Put on safety glasses (included).
  6.  Hold lamp close to skin vertically, hair removal will start automatically.
  7.  Switch device off, first from device then unplug from wall, when hair removal is complete.
Best At Home Laser Hair Removal

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Kayla Denise
Great investment!

Love love love this! I’ve been using it for about 4 weeks now and have already seen a reduction in how coarse and thick my hair was.

The price? WORTH IT!

Ok I get it. Here’s the thing— I’ve spent money for years on waxing, razors, even “professional” laser hair removal. I have dark hair and olive skin. I am caring for this thing like it’s MY BABY! I cannot wait to see further results. I have told everybody and their momma about this tool. It is a godsend. Seriously.

Yes it does work

I've had this for some time now and it does work. I have dark brown hair and I've only been focusing on my under arms and legs


I recently ordered this and was surprised at how high quality it is. It came with everything you need

Ana Lehaci
Saves you time and money

I got this device last year in April. After using it for almost a year now I can say it was my best purchase.

try it and love it

This is my first time to try hair remove device!I do love it because it does work !The package is adorable and appealing!Everything you need is inside!Easy to handle and carry!