Scalp Exfoliating Brush

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Scalp Brush

Touch Like Skin, Feels Like Air

Get a lavish spa-like experience during your shower, using this incredible scalp exfoliating brush to gently massage the tension and built-up dirt away from your hair.

Designed with rounded-shaped silicone bristles to emulate the touch of human fingers, providing a light massaging effect to the hair without damaging your nails.

Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush


Tone Up Just Like Workout

Delivers unique vibration several thousand times per minute which helps “exercising” your scalp. It effectively cleanses dandruff and residue on your hair. Leaves your hair softer and airer than ever.

It can be used as a great body massage tool for your leg and skin. Apply some massage oil on your leg to reduce lymphatic drainage, swelling, and cellulite.

Scalp Shampoo Brush

Waterproof Body Structure

It is safe to use in the bathroom because of its waterproof feature. It is portable to carry around when you need it for work and travel.

Shower Scalp Brush

Silicone Brush Pin Material

Made of high quality and durable ABS & silicone. Help reduce bacteria and imitate human massaging effect without irritating the scalp.

Which Type Of Brush Is Best For Stimulating The Scalp
Convertible Purpose

Not only does it cleanse your scalp effectively in the shower, but also works as a dry comb or a leg massager for muscle tension relief.


How To Use

  1. Apply shampoo on the wet hair.
  2. Rub together into a lather, then switch on the button.
  3. Start moving gently on the hair for 5-6 minutes.

Cool tip: Keep the brush moving up and down to keep your hair from getting tangled.

Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Really good product

I was worried that this would pull on my hair and be uncomfortable but it's really nice to use on dry or wet hair. I use it to massage in oil pre shower, to massage masks on in the shower, and also occasionally just as a scalp massage to increase the blood flow to my scalp. Especially for the price I think this is an amazing product.

Love it!

I’ve been so sceptical about these kind of products. I have such bad dandruff itchy and sore ones and it’s taking its toll me! But this massager helps my scalp and it’s also very relaxing. I use is every two days when wash my hair. I soak my scalp/hair with coconut oil/olive oil at least 15mins before showering and then use the massager before rinsing the oil. I basically use it before and after each step. 1)Coconut oil/olive oil. 2)shampoo. 3)tea tree oil (10 drops diluted warm water) soak for 10mins or longer if you have time. 4)conditionner. I wanted to share this and hope it works to the others who suffers from it!

Works on 4 type curly/kinky/black people's hair too!!

I absolutely love the Scalp Exfoliating Brush for three reasons; 1) I have itchy scalp, even after washing my hair it feels itchy. The Scalp Exfoliating Brush has somehow made the itchiness feel less and leaves a lovely tingly feeling instead. 2) No matter how many times I try to massage my hair to relieve tension, I always end up giving myself a headache, well not with this brush I can replace my heavy handed finger tips with the soft flexible silicone bristles and trust me it works. 3) I used it on my scalp while my hair were in twists and surprisingly the brush did not tangle in my hair.

Works and feels like a dream on my scalp.

I have medium length, fine hair, of which there is quite a lot of it. I have also been dealing with an itchy and flaky scalp for the past couple of years which nothing I use has helped to clear up. I was a bit sceptical at first that this would rid me of the flaky scalp but I was willing to give it a try, and also at the price (which is cheaper than some shampoos) I thought why not! I found it really gentle but firm enough to massage my scalp properly. It has not pulled out any of my hair either (and as I said above I have fine hair). I've used this about five times so far and I rub the shampoo into my hair as normal and then use this to massage my scalp in small circular motions. I love it, it feels really relaxing as it massages the scalp and I can feel it cleaning with the shampoo right down to the roots. I do actually feel that my hair is cleaner and lighter when I get out of the shower. Now, it hasn't completely removed the flakes from my scalp but they have lessened and my head is not as itchy. This isn't a miracle cure that will get rid of dandruff but it does help to lessen and it feels great to use, you can even use it on dry hair just for a head massage. My husband also loves it and is using it all the time! I think I may need to buy another one just for him as we will soon be fighting over using just the one. This really was worth the money spent and I'm enjoying my daily head massage in the shower, bliss!

highly recommended massage brush.

The scalp brush is very comfortable to use. Prevent hair loss, I used it for head massage. I've bought a cheap one before, but this product is obviously better than the cheaper one.

My scalp is better

I bought this scalp massager shampoo brush as I have scalp psoriasis. I would recommend this scalp brush it has helped clear my scalp - for those with scalp psoriasis they know what I mean. It's not totally gone but is being managed better.Also, it feels good when using it to shampoo your hair - who doesn't like a scalp massage.It's not a hard brush so won't damage the skin I should think.Definitely recommend.