SkinDeep - Silicone Multi Face Cleaner | Sonic Pulse Facial Cleansing Device

Get clean and clear skin easily with SkinDeep! A rechargeable handheld that quickly unclogs your pores and gives a relaxing facial massage every time you use this cleaner. With 4 modes, you can now get the custom face wash you never knew you needed!

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A deep, pore penetrating facial cleanse is a crucial part of any good skin care routine. Having the right tools to do that though can be hard to find.

 This rechargeable and handheld device is going to quickly become one of the most important parts of your daily skin care routines – and it’s so easy to use! SkinDeep’s Silicone Multi Face Cleaner will massage and deep clean out those pesky pores and make sure those expensive skin creams and moisturizers you buy really start to work for you. Increase the intensity of the device as you see fit and get a clean face each and every time! 

Facial Cleansing Brush


Ergonomic Handle: Get a secure and comfortable grip on your device because of the ergonomically designed handle. Great for all hand sizes!

4 Function Modes: Go from a lightly massaging mode all the way up to a thorough and deep massaging cleanse with 4 modes of intensity. Great for all types of skin and cleaning needed.

Informative Indicator Lights: Flashing lights during usage indicate a low battery. A solid stable light indicates a full charge. It’s easy to see how long the rechargeable battery has for use.

Deep Cleansing Facial Brush


Relaxing Facial Massage: Promote better blood flow and collagen regeneration with prolonged use of this device and it’s massaging function.

Clean Out Pores: Your face will glow and appear significantly healthier after your pores are cleaned out.

Enhanced Effect Of Beauty Products: With constantly cleaner skin and unclogged pores, your beauty products will work much more effectively.

Best Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush


  • Color: Pink, Green and Purple
  • Battery Capacity: 200mAH
  • Material: Electroplating ABS + silicone
  • Charging Time: 90min
  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Charging Current: 0.2A
  • Rated Power: 0.4W
  • Product Size: 100 x 60 x 80mm / 3.9 x 2.4 x 3.1in
  • Packing Size: 115 x 80 x 80mm / 4.5 x 3.1 x 3.1in
Best Facial Cleansing Brush For Sensitive Skin

How To Use:

  1. Charge device fully from wall outlet.
  2. Fully charged when flashing light changes to solid state.
  3. Wet your face after cleaning it.
  4. Immerse head section of device in water and turn on.
  5. Massage around face, with or without face cream.
  6. Rinse periodically to ensure thorough clean.
  7. Rinse head fully upon end of cleaning session.
  8. Allow to fully air dry before charging again.
Best Facial Cleansing Brush Ever

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    This is a little miracle

    This is the first time I've tried a product like this. I'm 65 and want my skin to look as good as possible. I am amazed by this handy little thing..It charges quick ,holds a charge for a while, and feels nice on my face. It is completely affordable ( it appears you could pay as much as you want, some are REALLY EXPENSIVE) and ,they ask you to fill out a warranty on line ( it was so easy) that if there's a problem, you are covered FOR LIFE. AMAZING. I use this everyday, in the morning and do some lymphatic massage ( easy ,look on YouTube) and , I swear to you , my skin NEVER LOOKED BETTER.

    Amanda C
    Amazing product!

    It was a little smaller than I thought it would be, but not to worry because this really packs a punch! I’ve only used it once so far before bed and I woke up with my face feeling softer than ever!I would definitely recommend to my friends and family and I definitely would purchase again if I had to.

    This little gadget is Great!

    I have sensitive skin and this facial cleanser brush oh my god can I say amazing. I’m very impressed with it and I love it it’s very I have sensitive skin and this facial cleanser brush oh my god can I say amazing.

    Spa like experience

    What an amazing cleansing brush! The benefit of this one is that it's soft silicone so it doesn't damage your skin or irritate your face. I definitely had a noticable difference in my skin after just 1 use! My skin feels so much softer and seems more clear. I reccomend every woman to have one on hand to soften their skin and really feel like it's a pampering experience from the comfort of your home.

    Joseph Braley
    Love it, gets 5 stars

    Had to up date. Originally II love this cleanser brush. I am so super impressed with it. First glance it's adorable and pretty. I love the size not bulky easy to take anywhere. And it's pretty strong you feel the vibration. This is and will ne a great product to have and it works with a skin types and a cleanser. Get It give it a chance

    Good size, works

    This is the first time purchasing something like this. I mean, it works? I'm not sure what to expect though as results. It's very nice to wash my face with though! Feels good on my face and feels like it's doing it's job. It's compact and ok to hold. It's not a handle you wrap your fingers around if that makes sense. it just sits in your fingers/palm.I haven't charged it yet but it's doing going on battery life. That's a plus!