Smart Blackhead Remover With LED Magnifier | Anti-Acne Pore Vacuum Facial Cleaner

Say goodbye to acne, blackheads and other skin blemishes by getting them sucked away directly from your pores! A revolutionary removal tool for your face and nose to remove pimples, blackheads and other nasty buildup via suction to help clean up your face. Here's to cleaner and clearer skin!

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Suffering from blackheads, acne, pimples and breakouts is not only bad for your skin, but embarrassing. Pinching and prodding your face is not the answer to removing them either, but suction is!

How To Remove A Blackhead That Won T Come Out

The Smart Blackhead Remover with LED Magnifier is like a vacuum cleaner for your face. Say goodbye to acne, blackheads and other skin blemishes by getting them sucked away directly from your pores! No more standing in front of a mirror pinch and prodding your face, leaving you with red irritated skin. Now you can get a gentle suction job to clean your pores out, the right way. The LED magnifier and in-built light helps you do a super precise job also!

How To Use Blackhead Remover Tool


Convex Lens Magnifier: See exactly what needs removing from your face. Get a precision job each and every time with the included magnifier. See every pore!

Negative Pressure Technology: Get gentle but powerful suction with the Smart Blackhead Remover. Thoroughly remove dirt and grim without agitating your face. 

Built-in LED Light: The built-in LED light is perfect for precise pore vacuuming. Very helpful in rooms with poor light also.

3 Tips Included: Use the small round tip for thin or delicate skin. The large round tip removes blackheads and is more powerful and the oval shaped tip reduces fine lines and improves skin elasticity.

How To Use Blackhead Remover


Cleaner Skin: This pore vacuum helps remove dirt and grim which clogs your pores. It’s like a literal vacuum cleaner for your face!

Removes Acne And Blemishes: Clean pores mean no acne, blackheads or other red inflammation. Your skin’s appearance will be better in no time!

Improve Skin Health: Not only will your skin look better, but it will actually BE better too. The suction from the vacuum encourages blood flow to the face to improve your skin’s elasticity and youthful glow.

How To Use Blackhead Remover Vacuum


  • Material: ABS + Silicone
  • Battery: 450mAh
  • Rated Power: 2.8W
  • Gear Adjustment: 3 Levels
  • Product Size: 40 x 41 x 165mm
What Is The Best Blackhead Remover

How To Use:

  1. Rinse your face with lukewarm water.
  2. Apply a hot towel or steam your face for 5 minutes to open your pores up (35-40ºC).
  3. Start the suction right after applying the lotion.
  4. Rinse your face after treating it, then gently massage your face and rinse with cold water.
  5. You may also apply a facemask as part of your daily skin care routine.
Do Blackhead Removers Work

What Does The Package Include?

  • 1 x Smart Blackhead Remover
  • 3 x Suction Tips
  • 1 x USB Charging Cord
  • 1 x User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Cindy Liu

I don't have blackheads, but there are many whiteheads on my nose and some acne on my chin, which bothered me for a long time. So when I got this product, I couldn’t wait to use it after taking a shower that night. What I want to say is that it’s so easy to use. With the magnifying on the other side, you can clearly see the dirt coming out, less than a minute. My nose and chin were clean, and I took off my makeup after get off work the next day, the skin around my nose is really soft and smooth. BTW This product particularly easy to clean and disinfect

Diana Peterman

I was hesitant to buy because I've bought a few in the past that didn't get the job done. THAT IS NOT THE CASE WITH THIS! So happy I got it! It will suck the soul out of your body if you're not too careful! Or give you a face hickey. I love how I can see everything being sucked out! It's so gross. Yet SO satisfying!!! I had so much gunk in my face that it almost looked like worms coming out😳

Joe Sid

Wow! At first I was not sure if this was going to work but my wife loves it. Well, considering that she is a secret wanna be esthetician, she used it on me and the results were impressive. My pores tends to clog up with quite a bit of mini oily white and black heads and this tool sucks most of them out. The key to success is not to leave it on any area too long or it may create a redness that will go away in time.For the price, it’s a bargain and my face is getting smoother. Nice!

Lenka DC

It works really good! Suction does its work nicely, make sure you vapor your face first for better results ;-)


Excellent addition to my skin care routine. Took a bit getting used too, but after a few uses I think I have figured it out. Leaves skin smooth and very little to no irritation. Very pleased.


This is so much better than I expected!!! Works amazing.. I’ve always had decent skin but lately I’ve felt like I couldn’t get it clean but this little tool has changed my face!!!