ComfyWaist -Trainer Belt Corset Slimming Body Shaper

Get ready to find the sleeker, slimmer you. Now, you can look and feel your best with the ComfyWaist. Reach your weight loss goals faster by sweating away the pudge. Designed to boost perspiration to help you burn more calories and flush toxins from your system. Melt your belly fat away with maximum calorie burn. Get an instantly slimmer waist with our 360-degree compression corset.

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Steel Boned Corset Waist TrainerWant to get rid of that tummy fat? There’s a reason why women used to wear corsets. Our slimming corset makes your waist instantly look 1-4 inches smaller, and it helps you meet your weight loss goals faster. Designed to boost perspiration to help you burn more calories and flush toxins from your system, our waist trainer is a women’s best friend. 
Before After Waist Training Corset
Wear it under that little black dress for a sleeker, flatter tummy. No one will ever know! Or, wear it for your workout to boost your calorie burn. With steel boning that is designed in spirals to give you ultimate flexibility, the breathable fabric is comfortable enough for all-day wear. The flexible spiral steel boning keeps its shape even with repetitive movements. As you slim down, keep using your waist trainer by simply moving over the hook-and-eye closures.  
Hot Body Shaper Waist Cincher Corset


Comfortable, Supportive Design
The underbust design lets you pair this corset with your favorite bra, and the mesh fabric makes it comfortable enough for everyday wear. The boning supports proper posture and trains your spine to stay in alignment.

Adjustable For Weight Loss
As you lose weight, there’s no need to buy another waist trainer. Our corset features several rows of hook-and-eye closures, so you can easily size down as you slim down.

360-Degree Pressure
The compression trains your waist and gives you that hourglass shape. The tight fit increases your perspiration and calorie burn, so you can lose weight faster than with diet and exercise alone.

Spiral Steel Boning
A good corset needs boning for maximum support and shaping, but our corset goes a step further. It features 4 spiral steel supports that enhance natural movement so that the boning bends when you do but effortlessly snaps back into place. Other corsets are rigid and constricting, and bending down in them is awkward and embarrassing.

Best Waist Cincher


Material: Mesh Fabric, Spandex, Stainless Steel

Before After Waist Training CorsetWhat Does The Package Include: 

  • 1 X ComfyWaist -Trainer Belt Corset Slimming Body Shaper

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews

i am 4'11, waist size is 25 inches. i suggest ordering a smaller size. i love this trainer, its my most comfortable waist trainer so far. i use a lot of velcro trainers that poke out if i'd wear tight clothing. with this trainer, it's completely hidden underneath clothing! i like the way it looks compared to my other trainers as well.edit: i bought another waist trainer in a smaller size, fits perfect!


So I'm about a size 36 in the waist or 35 and they say go 1 size down, but I went 2 sizes down, yes I'm extreme I know. 🤭 This waist trainer sucks me in like those old fashioned corsets, but that was the goal. These are quality you'd think the price would be sky rocket. I was addicted to my past waist trainer think it was the only one that I felt did me Justice. I wore it faithfully everyday and worked out in it. Today I can say I have a absolute 1 favorite and I believe it to help improve my posture. I'm too geeked! I love it!🤞🏾🤞🏾


Perfect. It came fast, good pressure, good quality.


This is a FANTASTIC waist trainer!!! Great quality, very good fit and extremely comfortable to wear all day. No complaints at all and highly recommend it.


Very chic and well-fitted.

Kaylee Spears

Bought this to have hourglass shape for wedding, and It’s perfect! The quality is great for the price, i wasn’t expecting it to actually work as well as it has. The photo in leggings is my before, the other 3 photos obvi wearing it (front, side,posed). Honestly the photo’s speak for themselves, i’ve been wearing it for 3 days and already FEEL skinny.