Ultrasonic Cavitation Massage Gel 300ml

  • $25.95
  • Save $34

Ultrasonic Cavitation Massage Gel 300ml

  • $25.95
  • Save $34

Our apology. :-(

Due to overwhelming demand, this product is currently out of stock.

But sweat not! You may just go to a pharmacy near you, and purchase 'sonogel' or 'Ultrasound Gel', and you're good to go!

Enjoy your Cavitation massage! Do share with us how it works out for you.




This product is a new generation fat burning body gel, rich in collagen, active yeast essence, seaweed fat cream and natural plant canola fruit.

Its high transmittance, thermal conductivity, no irritation on the skin features make it an ideal light-transmitting thermally conductive gel medium.

  • To be applied to the skin prior to applying an electrode to help transmit the electrical signal transdermally.
  • Conductive gel is essential for the proper use of ultrasonic equipment and electrocardiography treatments.
  • Ultrasonic technology is also used for some massage treatments, requiring conductive gel for proper delivery of the treatment.
  • When using a conductive gel for a massage treatment, the ingredients in the gel are an important part of the service, in order to enhance the effect of the treatment.
  • Product of choice for conductive rubber/carbon electrodes. Recommended for all electromedical procedures.

For external ultrasonic device massaging use only.

Price shown is for 1 (ONE) tube only.

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