UV LED 4 Modes Nail Dryer Lamp

This UV/LED Nail Dryer Lamp gives you the best quality nail polish drying right from the comfort of your home. With 4 different timer modes, no longer will you risk chipping or smearing. You’ll get a professional dry on your perfect nails each and every time you put them under the light.

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One of the most annoying things is when you’ve spent time and patience doing your nails, only for them not to be properly dried and ruining all your work. Now, at home, you can have a proper, professional-grade nail drying lamp all to yourself. Manicure Machine Professional
This UV LED Lamp Nail Dryer is great for any gel manicure you get done and ensures they’ll last. With just 99 seconds (or less) of use, you can leave confidently knowing that your nails are dry and ready to go. No chipping or smudging! Get glowing and glossy nails every time. The hybrid UV and LED lights are safe and effective and the display on top gives you a countdown. With 4 different time settings, you’ll get a comprehensive job no matter what type of nail treatment.
Manicure And Pedicure Machine


Digital Display: With 4 different settings (10, 30, 60 or 99 seconds) you’ll get a convenient countdown with each use so you will get a precise nail drying job each time. 

UV/LED Hybrid Lamp: The curing lamp uses hybrid technology and is perfect for any nail gel polish or extension job. Get an even and quick dry each time!

Smart Technology: With internal infrared sensors, this manicure/pedicure dryer automatically turns itself on/off whenever a hand or foot is inserted.

Spacious: The drying area can accommodate all hand or foot sizes. No worrying about cramming them in there and risking an even and quick dry.

Manicure Nail Drying Machine


Safety Conscious: No risk of damaging and darkening skin from exposure to the light. Your eyes aren’t at risk either.

Home And Salon Suitable: Get salon-quality drying at home with this nail dryer. Suitable for salons too.

Even Drying: With 36 dual light LED light beads in the drying space, light is spread evenly with no dead zones or corners. Your whole nail is dried each time.

Timer Settings: With the timer, you get an accurate drying session always. No ‘over baking’ or wet nails anymore.

Time Saver: This dryer is quick and efficient. If you’re in a hurry for your night out, you’ll still get a perfect dry in a little time.


  • Rated Voltage (V): 100 - 240
  • Output Voltage: 12V
  • Output Current: 4A
  • Input Power: 54W
  • Rated Current (A): 0.8
  • Item Type: Nail Art Equipments
  • Materials: ABS

    Gel Manicure Machine

    What Does This Package Include:

    • 1 X Nail Lamp
    • 1 X Power Adapter
    • 1 X Manual in English
    • 1 X Polish

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews

    Absolutely love this is my first time buying a UV lamp AND I LOVE IT I do resin art and gel polish on my nails and the fact that I can’t use this one lamp with it all is everything it even has a sensor for when u place your hand/foot under it that I comes on automatically until you move your hand/foot

    Mia Petrone

    It’s literally beautiful and perfect .It cures led and uv nail polish perfectlyAlso the bottom trade can be removed for pedicures. It’s automatic settings if you like with different timers.Perfect size.

    Renata Andrejszky

    I love this gel lamp! I have had it quite awhile now and it works just as good as day one. Awesome lamp considering the price! I actually send this link to my friends when they are looking to start doing their own nails because of how much I like it. Super easy to use and I like that the bottom comes off so that it is easy to do your toes as well. Super happy with this product!

    valerie k

    Works very well and has good instructions. I set it for 60 seconds between each layer. It sealed the base, polish and top coats quickly. They last for about 1-2 weeks without flaking or chipping


    Great UV/LED lamp! I’ve used it once so far and it cured my nails quickly and they’ve lasted for several days already. I like that you can see how much time you still have left for the curing process. The only issue I had was that the cord didn’t seem to fit well into the device so I had to push it in with more force than I would’ve liked to but it went in eventually and is working great well now.

    Kit Snicket

    I haven’t had a chance to do a full set with this yet, but so far it seems great. It cures gel polish super fast, and is even capable of handling poly gel, which is the main reason I bought it. If you want a quality light, but don’t want to pay $60 for something you’re probably not going to use once the pandemic is contained, this is definitely the way to go.