V-Line Face Lifting LED Photon Therapy Slimming Belt

Get a slim face now, from cheek to cheek with this revolutionary anti-aging device. Get rid of your double chin and achieve a healthier look in no time. Using LED Photon therapy to penetrate deep into your muscle tissues to promote better blood flow and increase collagen production. Enhance your face’s natural shape and get started on the anti-aging process on your face now with this revolutionary device!

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Our face is our most important feature and many of us spend hours and hours on our faces trying to get it perfect. However, changing the face’s shape and contours has traditionally been very time-consuming. Now it isn’t and you’ll be saying goodbye to your double chin in no time!

Introducing the  V-Line Face Lifting Belt LED Photon Therapy device – your new key to getting rid of your double chin for good, without spending hours in the gym and starving yourself. It works to firm your face muscles and tissues to enhance your face’s natural shape and contours and also reduce wrinkles.

Simply strap the device over your head and chin and for 15 minutes let the LED Photon lights go to work at slimming your face down. Penetrating deep into muscle tissue, not only will it promote better blood flow but also a quicker production of collagen. Your face will be noticeably slimmer and you’ll notice much more effectiveness of those expensive skin creams and moisturizers you buy too.


EMS Microcurrents: These work to activate deep-lying muscle cells in your face to speed up your natural collagen generation. Supple and healthier skin is the outcome!

Infrared Physiotherapy: Infrared laser therapy promotes blood circulation and restores natural enzyme activity around your face. This creates a more healthy appearance and a noticeable lack of acne and other blemishes re-occurring.

Easy Operation: The touch screen and button controls make this device simple to operate. Adjust the intensity levels of the Photon Therapy quickly and easily.  The timer function reminds you when your therapy time is up too.

Lightweight And Portable: The device won’t weigh you down or cause neck aches from continued use. The USB charger is convenient also, meaning you can take the device with you anywhere. 

Get started on the anti-aging process on your face now with this revolutionary device!

What Does The Package Include: 

  • 1 X V-Line Up Lifting Belt
  • 1 X Charging Cord
  • 1 X User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Gabrielle Monaco
Remarkably Amazing!

I just LOVE this product so much, that I ordered another, to have as a back-up. So happy I found something so effective and comfortable to use. It definitely made a difference around the jowel area.(firmer and lifted) I even use it on my forehead. I Love It!


I’ve been wanting to try this! I’m glad I found this one because it’s economical and easy to use. I use it before bed.

Misty Rodriguez

Face slimming device to help with double chin I got this as a gift for my husband because he is always complaining that he is starting o get a double chin and wanted something to help him slim it down so he has been us I guess this and I have notice a difference after a few weeks


This is a very comfortable facial slimming device. I can feel the firming and compressing and my jawline looks slightly firmer after use. I highly recommend this!

José Moreno

Its awsome works great 👌

Rafaela F.

Was wonderful