Zero Double Chin - Photon LED Neck Massager For Neck Lifting And Anti Wrinkles

Sagging skin and fine lines getting you down? Eliminate that annoying double chin with the Photon LED Neck Massager. Great at lifting the neck muscles and skin to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Sculpt your neck and regain your youthful look with the Zero Double Chin!

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Let’s face it (no pun intended!), the last time we can get away with a double chin is when we were little kids. As adults we want that pronounced and strong jaw line and a nice, slim face.

Get that youthful and slim face you used to have once again, by eliminating your double chin and other annoying wrinkles and fine lines around your neck area with the Photon LED Neck Massager. It’s a small, dolphin like handheld device that you simply massage up and down your lower neck and chin area to literally lift up that area. The Photon LED therapy penetrates deep into double chin and neck to massage and sculpt it slim. Say goodbye to your double chin and necklines today!

How To Fix Tech Neck


Sonic Vibrating: When the device contacts the skin, it automatically vibrates and creates a heat of 45ºC to massage the area. This promotes better blood flow and slows the aging of epidermal cells.

3 Mode LED Technology: Blue is the Lowest mode. This massages lightly without any heat. Then, green for a warm massage with magnetothermal physiotherapy (~45ºC). Lastly, Red is for high speed mode. An intense therapy for stubborn fat cells and deeper wrinkles.

Small Handheld Device: Take your Photon LED Neck Massager with you, so you can relax and also keep up with your beauty routines wherever you go.

Tech Neck Massage


Multifunction Care: This small device is great for lightening necklines and wrinkles, lightening nasolabial folds around cheeks, lighten forehead lines and lymphatic massaging.

USB Charging: No batteries needed for this device to work, nor does it need to be plugged into an outlet. Charge it via a USB cord. This feature also makes it great for traveling.

Promotes Collagen Regeneration: Collagen production is what keeps the skin supple and maintains its elasticity. This device focuses on increasing blood flow to affected areas through heat therapy and massage. Consequently, collagen production is literally kick started too!

How To Stop Tech Neck


  • Material: ABS + PC
  • Product dimensions: 120 x 83 x 50mm
  • Rated voltage: 5v
  • Rated input power: 2.5w
  • Battery capacity: 500mAh
  • Charging method: USB
  • Charging time (full): ~ 3 hours
  • Function: Lift and firm, diminish fine lines.
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How To Use:

  1. Step 1: After cleaning the area under your chin and neck, apply your chosen skin care product evenly.
  2. Step 2: Press and hold the power button on the device for 2 seconds to start device.
  3. Step 3: Select desired mode (3 modes: blue, green or red).
  4. Step 4: Massage from the lowest point of the neck in an upward motion toward the chin.

How To Remove Tech Neck

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Teenna Marie

Love this product!!! Is not a disappointment like the previous similar ones. It actually works and I noticed a difference in my skin after the first use. Safe for multiple uses daily


I like it, the shape really work well for the face and neck. Recommended!


Pretty cute design and very easy to hold. It's easy to use.


Works as Intended.


The vibration is very light, and the red color emits a very gentle heat.

Angel M Hall

This was a well recieved gift to my wife and it does several things that I like. My wife has complained that she can't get facial treatments during the pandemic and this helps to fill that void. Since she has lots weight, it is also helping with her desire for more youthful muscle tone in her face and neck. She really likes the way that it feels on her skin and that she can use it while watching tv.