360 SPA Facial Silicone Mask | Skin Tightening And Wrinkles Removal

Get a healthier and younger looking face, and all it takes is 15 minutes per day! Your beauty routine should be always about maintaining your beautiful face with fresh, clean skin and wrinkle reduction. The best thing you can use at home to brighten your face is the 360 SPA Facial Silicone Mask.

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As we age, our face is usually the first to show it. But there is one simple solution we can use to slow wrinkles from occurring and improve appearance.

Facial Mask For Women

Get a healthier and younger looking face, and all it takes is 15 minutes per day! The 360 SPA Facial Silicone Mask will tighten your skin, remove your wrinkles, promote better collagen production and make your expensive skin products work more for you! You can even control the settings on the device via the included remote control. Skin improvement will occur in almost no time at all and you will make the 360 SPA Facial Silicone Mask an essential and fun part of your skin care routine.

Korean Facial Mask


Remote Controlled: Control your 360 SPA Facial Silicone Mask with the included remote control. Stay relaxed, seated or even lay down while controlling the mask without removing or touching it.

Washable: Clean the mask easily after each use very quickly and easily. Just immerse it in water and clean off any residue.

Comfortable Design: The 360 SPA Facial Silicone Mask stays on your face comfortably via its ear hook design. It’s also made from graphene silicone so it is soft and comfortable. The internal wires never touch your face.

Facial Mask Skin Care


Get Healthier Skin: After using the 360 SPA Facial Silicone Mask your skin will be better hydrated, you’ll notice less sagging, cleaner pores, smoother and silkier skin and your expensive creams will work better too.

Promote Collagen Production: The key to healthy and supple skin is collagen. This mask helps promote collagen production all over your face leaving you looking fresher and younger!

Only 15 Minutes Per Day: Adding the 360 SPA Facial Silicone Mask into your beauty routine only takes 15 minutes. You can get on with your day while wearing it too!

Skin Tightening Machine

What Does The Package Include?

  • 1 x 360 SPA Facial Silicone Mask
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
Skin Tightening Face Mask
Skin Tightening Treatments

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Eva B.
Love it but be careful, it is very strong

This facial massager is very good. I only use it once a week or once every 2 weeks. You do see results. I use Japanese water-base facial mask or oil-free facial message cream underneath the facial massager to make sure it doesn't tug at my sensitive facial skin when it vibrate. I love what it does for my cheek area.

Lorena Pecson
Feels great!

This massage mask helps to relieve my sinus problems due to allergies. It is so relaxing that I often fall asleep during the 15-minute massage session.


This product is so relaxing for me. I only wish the timer was closer to 30 mins. I would say it works amazingly, and the price is worth it!

V. Veronica

Like it.use it every week. It was comfortable so I wore it for like an hour and when I took if off my face was slim and I looked like I had a facelift!!

Belen Gonzalez
Very important

This product is very good. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how effective this mask would be at first. At first, it wasn't comfortable since it's tight fitting mask on my face, but decided to use it for a couple of weeks like the product description said in hope that I will see possible change. Even my children were laughing at me wearing the mask. Perhaps, my exception was too big, but I wasn’t sure if it was helping my facial skin. Then, yesterday my husband complimented me on how my face has changed. He said my facial skin looks smoother, radiant, and beautiful. It made me so happy for the hard work I put into to believing this mask! Why? My husband is not the type who would say that. Now, my daughters are using the mask too. I am very happy with this mask, and it’s the best investment I made. Best of all, it’s reusable and it’s worth the money.


I started to see fine lines and wrinkles in my 40s so I decided to try this mask. It made my face softer within the first week of use! I see improvement plumping up fine lines and wrinkles than before after using it for almost 3 weeks.