How To Achieve A Glowing Face With Oxygen Facials

How To Achieve A Glowing Face With Oxygen Facials

Recently in the skincare world, excitement has grown for a new method to leave your skin looking radiant and glowing. Known as an “oxygen facial,” this technique has been quickly picked up by many skincare companies, as well as a number of celebrities. Oxygen facials are one of the best kept secrets that most celebrities use to keep their skin feeling smooth and youthful, but what are oxygen facials exactly?

What Are Oxygen Facials?

Surprisingly, oxygen facials have been around for decades, used mostly at spas and specialized dermatologist and plastic surgeon offices. The public has recently caught onto the phenomenon, however, and the practice has become quickly widespread. While the technology for the method has been upgraded and modified over the years, the central premise of the method has stayed the same; a pressurized stream of oxygen delivers active, essential ingredients to the skin from our best-selling Professional High Frequency Electrotherapy device.

Both the apparatus itself and the ingredients used in this process have been upgraded in recent years. For example, many used to use basic moisturizers during the facial, but are now using “fancier” ingredients like hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and peptides. Some even use our bioReverse cream for its anti-aging effects and a path to glowing, radiant skin.


The process was first pioneered in 2002 by an Australian company called Intraceuticals. This company still provides some of the most comprehensive and advanced oxygen facials in the business because their special apparatus does more than push oxygen into the face.

There are a number of skincare products which are also pushed into the skin, in a measured quantity. These penetrate the skin more deeply than other ingredients used at other oxygen facial sites. Although Intraceuticals has one of the most robust facial operations, all oxygen facials provide a litany of benefits for your skin.

1. Increases collagen production

Your skin naturally produces collagen, a protein which allows your cells to stick together, which naturally provides strength and elasticity. Collagen weakens with age however, which is why skin begins to sag as people turn older; wrinkles appear, and the skin appears drier. Oxygen facials boost collagen production for your skin, however, making it firmer and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Detoxifies the skin

Oxygen facials will also help your skin use the oxygen and nutrients provided during the facial. There are also many vitamins which are infused with your skin during the process, and these are used to detoxify your skin. The combination of oxygen and nutrients is a great way to clear away bacteria and other nasty, oily toxins which sit on your skin throughout the day. This detox efficiently wipes away the effects of pollution, sun damage, and diet fluctuation as well.

3. Increases cell turnover

All cells in our body have a limited lifespan before they die and are replaced by new cells. It’s counterintuitive, but your skin is actually better off when cells die quickly and are replaced quickly by new cells.

Oxygen is a key component of this cell regeneration process; it helps expedite the rate at which some cells die and other cells take their place. This can have a plethora of benefits, such as the healing of acne and the rejuvenation of your skin. Oxygen facials obviously speed up this process even more by providing your skin with a healthy dose of oxygen.

4. Moisturizes skin

Your skin is usually in a dry state because of dust, pollution, and exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. All of these external factors can quickly dry out your skin, making it more “lifeless” than it naturally would be.

Those with sensitive skin especially struggle with this issue. However, an oxygen facial deeply moisturizes your skin because of its penetrative power. Nutrients and oxygen alike are pressed deep into the skin which restores your pH balance and can help shield your skin from these harmful external force, especially sun rays.

5. Heals acne

Acne is created when your skin cells get “clogged” causing the trapping of dirt and oils within them. Your pores become enlarged which show up as unsightly blemishes to your face. Oxygen facials are great because they shrink your pores, which allows in less dirt. Without room for dust and dirt to accumulate throughout the day, your acne will be far more manageable and far less prevalent. Thus, your skin will glow more radiantly for a longer period of time.


Are oxygenating treatments a thing?

Yes, oxygenating treatments work well. On top of working to help your skin younger and more radiant, oxygenating treatments are actually also used to treat decompression sickness, an illness frequently associated with scuba diving.

How do you oxygenate your skin?

Oxygen facials are a great way to oxygenate your skin. They pump oxygen and other great nutrients directly into the skin. You can also use oils and other skincare products which you can buy online.

Are there any other ways to get oxygen into skin?

Yes, exercise. When you exercise, you body needs oxygen and your skin more readily accepts oxygen. Working out daily or semi-daily is a great way to increase the flow of oxygen into your skin for younger, healthier looking skin. For great and energized workouts, consider Green Tea Extracts to boost energy and support an increased metabolism.